Running signal from balanced outs and single ended at the same time

Hi all,
I have a Cary DMS 600 which is a Dac Streamer with a real good sounding pre section.  I want to run 2 monoblock subwoofers off the single ended and 2 mono blocks off the balanced for 2 channel 
Is there any potential problems with this?  I have a email into Cary but just wondered what the community thought. Thanks,
I am doing this with my Ayre KX-5 Twenty preamp which has 2 sets of balanced outs. But, I’m not sure about using a Dac.
Since you would be using single ended and balanced out at the same time you may start getting some hum, and would probably result in a lower output with the single output.
I doubt if it would harm anything but it may not sound good.
Dear @benzman :  Normally those output are independent in between and then you can't have any problem.
Now, it depends of that Cary DMS600 desdign. The easy answer you already have it: test it and you will now about.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Thanks for the replies. When I purchased the unit I was told that all outputs are active
it is a true balanced design so hopefully won’t have an issue. Getting excited to get into my new room w/swarm stereo setup. 

You might need to adjust volume on your subwoofer as balanced usually has around 3dB more gain over unbalanced. Whether it’s advisable to use both at the same time I have no idea I would defer to whatever Cary says.