Running dedicated AC where do I start PleaseHelp

Hi Friends ! I plan to build a Stereo/HT setup in a new(old) Living room . I will be installing in walls for HT etc and still using my "Monster" tube stereo. I also have read a lot suggesting dedicated ac outlets. So far my plans are to get Albert Porters Croyed Hubbells for The Plasma, Two tube AMPS and one for the front end equiptment which will also include a big HT receiver and run these on different Breakers. Any suggestions on BX cable, breakers , Do I need a sub panel and why etc. etc. would be appreciated. Any other suggestions for setting up this room would also be appreciated as I don't want to overlook the obvious. Thanks for your Time!
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Just a thought.Had you thought of using the old glass fuses? I rented a home while working at Salon 1 Audio in Wisconsin.I ran my own lines,but used the glass fuses.I was surprised how good the system sounded.You might give them a try and remember to tie the Earth-ground to a copper rod embedded in the ground-it will sound better.
Start by doing a search of dedicated lines using the Audiogon archive search engine. There are hours of reading already posted on this subject.