Running CA Classe 100 or Parasound 1500 in mono

Any thoughts on this subjects...Currently running Aerial 7b's with a Llano 300. The llano is not mine,so Im looking for a low budget solution with power.I also like the idea of two amps because of the short speaker cable run(which I have all ready)....I am concerned of the sound quality....Has anyone tried this or have an opinion...Using Classe,Parasound or any other amps..Thanks All
T. I own the Aerial 8's and run them with a pair of Classe ca-150's in mono. The power gave me better bass response and better overall sound staging. I listen to classical, folk, jazz, electronic and rock. The clarity of the sound was improved dramatically. My stereo dealer purports that Aerial's love power and mine came more alive and I have never lookded back. Steve
I demo'd many amps and owned a few (mcintosh, classe, sim, plinius, bryston) before deciding on a pair of Odyssey monoblocks. I really liked the Mcintosh and Classe gear for their warm sound and I think the Odyssey monoblocks have the same type of sound for $$$$ less.
I run two Classe 25 amps in mono with Martin Logan Ascents and my system sounds great! If not in the budget to buy both, pick up one for now then down the road pick up another. Happy Listening!
I owned a pair of Aerial 7b's and ran them with the Classe CA-100. The sound was fantastic however the bass was a bit flabby. The Aerial's are power hungry and with the heavy woofers I'd suggest not looking at anything less than the CA-200 or CA-201 to get the deep, tight bass. If you speak with Mike Kelly, he'll tell you the same thing. Aerial and Classe are a wonderful combination.