Running All Your Cables with The same Brand

Hello everyone,

I was just pondering on the thought that if when running all your cables that are produced by the same company, can it make a difference? My first purchace was a pair of Harmonic technology Pro 9 speaker cables,and i fell in love with them the moment i hooked them
up.Next was a digital cable(platinum series),and was again taken aback at how well it performed.i am soon to have a pair of interconnects Magic
2's,also by HT,and and ac cord too boot,all by the afore mentioned manufacture.

my qeury is this,if I am going this route,by having all wiring being the same brand,can this be of benefit to my gear? And do you think it can create a form of synergy overall on my equipment?
Same the greatest extent possible, this is the best (IMHO) approach sonically and for synergy in the system. Obviously there are exceptions around available budget at the time that compels a staged upgrade and cases where a manufacturer does not make a specific type of cable (in my case 110ohm AES/EBU and 75ohm digital/clock) that will have you looking for compatible alternatives...
When you first think about it, there does seem to be more sense in using all of the same brand cables. Most manufacturers will tell you this, as well. But I don't think its necessarily true. Its like saying that you have to use components from the same manufacturer for best results. We all know that's pretty rare. Most manufacturers don't even make a full line of components. So I would just pick the cables that sound best in the system and leave it at that.
All my cables are the same brand. Whenever I install another brand (any brand) in with my brand it disrupts the synergy/consistency of the sound not to my liking.
This question has been discussed at length in a number of past threads here, and as is often the case in audio opinions diverge and there has been no consensus. See this thread, and the links to other threads which I provided in my post in that thread dated 1-19-15.

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Can it benefit your gear? No, using all of one brand of cable will not make gear last longer or otherwise benefit the equipment. The equipment will not know if you are using one brand or different brands.

Can you enjoy the sound of one brand of cable? Certainly, many do, while many others like to mix and match. There are no absolutes.