Running a sub in 2 channel with dhc80.2

Hey there,

I am curious if it is possible to run a powered sub in 2 channel with an integra DHC 80.2? I cant seem to get it working. I know you can with onkyo receivers but it doesnt seem possible with this integra processor. Thanks for any help you can give.
What exactly do you mean by 'two channel'?

Do you mean your sub is hooked up with two cables from the Left/Right front preouts from the Integra (and not using the single subwoofer output)?

Or, do you mean you have the sub hooked up with a single cable to the Integra but when you select the 2-channel only mode the sub is not working?

Many AVRs and Pre/Pros have a "Pure Direct" mode for 2-channel analog connections from CDs or TTs - if this is what you mean, then by the nature of "Pure Direct" and 2-channel - there is no .1 signal for the sub 'cuz the AVR preserves the 2-channel analog only path thru the AVR.
Open you manual and turn to page 44 and look under "Listening Mode" then go down to "Stereo"(2nd from top)-----"Sound is output by the front left and right speakers and subwoofer." This is how I listen to 2-channel+sub with my Onkyo TX-SR705.

I assume that you're using Audyssey. If so, there shouldn't be any issue.

When I set up my Onkyo 5508 (a near twin of the 80.2) I found that Audyssey would auto detect the set-up. It asks you to identify the sub or subs, then pings each of the other potential (side, rear, height, etc.) channels for level set and EQ. When the test mic produces zero response to the set-up ping for any given channel, Audyssey assumes that there are no speakers active for that channel. At the end of the process, it will show 2.2 for left/right with two subs or 2.1 for left/right with one sub.

What's up with the 'drive by' requests for help and no follow up?
I was thinking the same thing. Happens on the Klipsch forum all the time.

Similar thing happened to me twice this last week when potential buyers emailed me several times about a couple of amps I am selling asking questions and requesting photos. I have emailed them three times each in the last three days to see if they are still interested in the amps. I just don't get it. A follow up email "I am no longer interested" would suffice. Or in the case of this thread, "thanks for the help" would work.

Im sorry for the late response... I ran into some family trouble and have been out of the country for the past month. sorry what I meant was when I am running in stereo I cant seem to get the sub to run. IT seems I have tried everything to no success. I do really appreciate the help by the way.
PS. I have the sub hooked up with a single ended sub cable. When I try to run it in stereo I only get the mains without the sub. There is no option to turn the sub on in stereo as there is with the onkyo equivilent. I am just wondering if there is something I am missing. I have read the manual and have found nothing regarding this. I hope that makes my problem a little more clear. thanks again for any help.
Could it possibly be that I am using balanced connections for my fronts, rears, and center, and a single ended connection for my sub? Maybe I should hook my sub up with an xlr to rca connection and see if that works. Would that make sense?
What does the setup display show for your speaker configuration? eg - did it detect a sub when you ran Audessey?

Does the sub work when you listen in mult-channel?
Hey erik thanks for the reply. Yes Audessey did detect the sub and it does run in multi channel. It runs in all channel stereo just not in stereo. Just cant figure it out.
Does the Integra have multiple memory settings?

If so, maybe a 'work around' for now is to select "All Channel Stereo", then manually turn off the center and surrounds, and save the setting.

Maybe what you are experiencing for 2-channel stereo is 'normal' - i.e. - if your source is only 2-channel (L/R analog connections), then that's all you get out of the Integra?
Possibly, I just find it unusual that the onkyo equivilent has the ability to run a sub in 2 channel stereo. I am going to see if it has multiple memory settings and if so I will do what you suggest in regards to turning the center and surrounds off. Thank you very much for the suggestion.
I checked your manual - for the "Direct" mode there is a footnote that basically says (if I am reading right) - the number of channels being played (including the subwoofer) depends on the number of channels in the original source.

So, at least for Direct, if there are only two channels for an 'old fashioned' stereo LP or CD, then that's all you get - two channels and therefore, no sub.

Maybe they forgot that footnote for "Stereo" mode?
I just noticed when I press the display button on the remote it comes up as stereo output: 2.0. It looks like it may be impossible to play a sub in stereo with the integra. I appreciate the help. If you happen upon anything in the future please post it in this thread and I will look back in here from time to time. Thanks again for the help
There are several popular and active 80.2 forums on the Internet - I would google them and post your question. Another option would be to call the manufacturer of your sub and also integra Tech support.

I have an 80.2 as well as a dedicated 2-channel system and run the sub from my preamp, which also has a cinema direct setting so that I get 5 channels plus sub for movies as well.
There should be a way to solve your problem - I have a hard time believing it will work with Onkyo but not Integra..

Good luck.
In the speaker setup menu, if your fronts are set to full range, with stereo mode you may not get the subwoofer to play unless you selected "double bass"(I think that is what Onkyo calls it).

Sorry for the late reply once again. Bill, you were right, once I turned the mains to 40 htz cut off my sub plays. I guess I should have tried this before but with my old onkyo I could have it set to full range and still have the sub play. I really appreciate all your help guys as this was driving me crazy. Thanks again


Glad to hear problem solved.