Running a set of NHT 2.5I

I just bought a set of NHT 2.5I and I will be running these on a rx-v2400 yamaha receiver.With this be a good match or is it upgrade time.if so what amp(within reason please)
Give it a try....I haven't heard the two together. I ran NHT 2.5i's with an ATI 1505 (125W/channel) and never heard a harsh moment. I suspect the ATI is a far better amp than the amp section of the Yamaha, but your ears will tell you if the Yamaha is doing the job.
Yea I'm afraid that I am going to have to upgrade my amp to get the performance I need out of these.I can still use the yamaha for my home theater stuff if I add a amp right?
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I was looking on audiogon for a used amp around $400.00 anyone have a suggestion?B&K ST2140
Rotel Rb1070,Rb991, Parasound HCA-2003,
Parasound HCA1500A'
McCormack DNA .5 Deluxe
Classe 70 power amplifier
Here are some of the amps I like.Which do you think would be a good match?I could use a 2 channel amp to run my 2.5 and then use the yamaha to power the rest of the speakers for movies right?

What do you guys think of the Cambridge Audio 640a Integrated Amplifier?
I run a McCormack .5 Deluxe on my 2.5's and it really brings out the best that they have to offer. Also if you happen to come across one try the Aragon 8002 but those are hard to come by.
How about a 4004?
You Yamaha is probably fine for your surround speakers, but you probably want a better amp for the fronts, center and definitely the sub if you don't have a sub with a built in amp.
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The 4004 would work very well, also it will take care of your future needs should you decide to upgrade your speakers down the road. That 4004 MK2 here would work fine if you can swing it.
dude, i just sold my parasound 850pre and the acurus a150 to a friend that bought my nhts 2.5i two years ago. they're an awesome combination, save the lack of remote control. And they could be had cheap here!

Well a choice has been made.....I opted to go with a B&K Reference ST125.2 Series 2.I know the McCormick is a great amp but it was just a little out of my price range.I was on B&K web site and I was looking at the new reference 125.2 S2 and these a almost the same amp.I think this should be alright.THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!Bob.
Anyone have a suggestion for a good interconnect?
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Checked out the site, I will diffently be giving that site some thought.
took your advise Bob and ordered a 7ft Belden 1505F going to try them out.THANKS FOR ZHE INFO
I would like to know what you guys would suggest for a amp to bi amp my 2.5's.I use a B&K ST125.2 Series 2 for the speakers now.I would like something similar to a NHT SA2 that I use for my subwoofer.
I now have two sa-2 amps I could use for the woofers.But could i use just one amp and bi-wire them?
I'm not familiar with the SA-2 amps (I KNOW of them, but have not heard them or used them at all)...

I CAN say this, though...I've owned the 2.5i's in the past (and for quite a while). The benefit quite a bit from bypassing the internal crossover (biwiring). I would imagine bi-amping would be even better, but i've never set up a system in this configuration, so i do not know the intricacies/ details of how to properly set it up.

But at the very LEAST, biwire those speakers... You'll get a much better level of clarity in the midrange, not to mention better bass definition/ less muddling of the sound.
Thanks loose,like i said I bought the sa-2 amp for that reason.Is there any place to get a diagram of this wiring configuration?I have my manual's for the amp also.
I don't know about where to get diagrams for wiring schemes...

but there is another thing i wanted to mention:

You can tune those NHT's, which i found to have a boomy bass in my room, with plugs in their ports. I made plugs out of relatively light density sponge/foam..the speakers could still breathe because of the porous material and i could tune the bass depending on how tightly i plugged them.

...just a passing thought...
Am I just going to need a 2nd set of speaker cables and a interconnect?
have you figured out how to set this up yet?

if so, how does it sound?
I know how to set it up,i just haven't did it yet.I'm going to use two NHT SA'2's for the bottoms.I have kimber kable 8tc for the high's and mids and 4 tc for the bottoms.I also bought a sa3 for my sw2pi subwoofer.