Running a LOMC in MM setting?

Hi! I bought a Gold Note Ph 10 for my system, what is the following:

VPI Classic 1 TT, Ikeda 9TT LOMC cartridge, Gold Note PH 10 connected with balanced xlr cable to a pair of Dynaudio BM5 mkIII active studio monitors. I am using the Dynaudio`s dedicated volume box, connected directly to the studio monitors.

The problem is the following:
When I am using MC setting in the PH 10, the sound is just terrible. I set up everything accordingly to the cartridge, and it sounds really bad. BUT, I have tried the MM setting, just to check it. It sounds very close to awesome, but I am affraid to damage my cartridge, and I have no idea how this could happen...
In MC mode, it is getting really loud above the 1/4th of the max volume. In MM mode, I am getting way enough volume 5% below 1/2 of the max.
What can it be the problem? I would prefer to use the phono in the correct setting....

Thank you all!

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You can not damage your cartridge with 47k Ohm loading, use it if you like it, absolutely no harm for the cartridge. We have many audiogonners who preferred 47k Ohm for LOMC cartridges. So you can use MM input (47k Ohm) for your MC cart.

As for the MC input i think you can change GAIN setting on PH-10 ? 

Sounds like you need to play more with the settings on the MC input. By play, I mean read up on what is happening with different settings and why they are there.
I got an answer from Gold Note. They have really good customer service btw. 
" Dear Milan,
It is a clearly a saturation signal problem.For which reducing the gain using the MM input fix the issue.There is no way of damaging the cartridge because the gain, the gain is just the level of signal you send to the amplifier, in your case the speakers that evidently have a kind of very high input for the PH10 following the AES standards of electronics."
To fix the problem we have to reduce the gain.
It is something technically unnecessary and one day you will want to use the PH10 with other units you have to re-converting it again.
Anyway today with you system you have to play with the lower MM gain alternatively.
If you return we will update the unit to the latest HW/SW model free of charge also.

Kind regards
Maurizio AteriniC.E.O.Akamai S.r.l.

What do you think? Would you send it back, or leave it just like that?
The Ikeda 9TT is much much better at 100ohms also and it sounds like a good option to get it fixed for good. I am not going to change the cartridge for anytime soon, but maybe the monitors...

I also own Ikeda 9TT which is connected to Klyne 7PX 3.5 phono

using the MM input. MC input has ''only'' 58 dB amplification which

is not sufficient. So I use Denon AU-S1 SUT in addition. I am very

satisfy with the result.

Dear @korakotta: """   If you return we will update the unit to the latest HW/SW model free of charge also. """

What are you waiting for?, go a head it's a free up-date !!

My advice is to upgrade your Dynaudio monitors. 

If you don't make your own production (music) why do you need inexpensive, active near field studio monitors for analog playback? 

Look for a decent passive bookshelf or florstanding speakers. 

I know those Dynaudio monitors, my old bookshelf speakers were Dynaudio Contour 1.1 (it was about 15 years ago). 

I would recommend to look for Zu Audio fullrange speakers, they are super easy to drive by low power amp and they got tremendous dynamics and resolution (much better than dynaudio). 

Zu Druid is my favorite, but the got lowe range bookshels too. 

Sounds to me in the mc setting of the ph10 you need to reduce the gain.
4 settings if I remember correctly.

Even with my 0.24mv cart I only need gain set to 0.
I remember trying +3 and I got a fair amount of distortion so clearly saturating.
Also while in mc mode do not be afraid to adjust the loading as well.
I started at 100 but ended up preferring 1000 as my final setting.
Just use your ears, the ph10 is a very fine phono stage imho.
Also wonderful that you can make all these changes from the front panel on the fly rather than opening up and moving jumpers or dip switches.
Have fun
If I understand correctly that the issue is too much gain via the MC inputs of the Korakotta, then what is saturating is the input stage of whatever is being driven by the Korakotta.  There's no problem with the Korakotta except too much gain (for the downstream component) via the current MC settings.  The downstream device does not have enough input overload margin to be mated with the Kora... But, like Raul said, free upgrades are always nice.