Running a cdplayer directy to an amp impedence q

I'm getting a CAL CL15 which outputs 0-3v at 50ohms.
What factors should i look at when considering an amplifier to mate directly with this cd player?
Is the voltage number the important one? or the impedence? or a combination? Am I looking for higher? lower?
I'm a bit bewildered here!
BAT VK200, input imp = 100k, input v = 1.6v
Rogue 88, input imp = 200k, input v = 1.0v
and a few others....
The output impedance of the source (CD player) should be much lower than than the input impedance of the load (amp) so the numbers you gave are fine for both amps.

The voltages for the amps would be the voltages needed to drive them to maximum output so the 3V out of the CD player will be able to drive either amp to full volume.

Are you sure that the 50 ohm figure is not for the digital output? That is a very low number for a typical analog output.
Herman - I would hope the digital output (S/PDIF) is 75 ohms to match the standard.
You should have absolutely no problems with an output impedance that low and with the listed voltages required to bring to full power.
One word of advice as a past owner of the CL15. While it will drive most if not all amps fine, the digital volume control has a tendency to limit dynamic range as you reduce the level. I found it to be much better going through a preamp and letting it control the volume.
I would suggest you check this out to see if you want to live with it. Of course, you can always add a preamp later.