Running a 2 channel system with my Arcam AVR600

I have an Arcam CD 17, a Rega P3 & a Logitech transporter being driven by an Arcam AVR 600 - my speakers are PSB Synchrony Ones. I was wondering if I would see major improvements by introducing a 2 channel amp into my system (an ATC SIA 2 for instance) by using the pre-outs from the AVR.

Would it make a significant difference to my system ? Could I use a pre/pro combo or am I limited to an Integrated amp if I want to continue using the AVR given that it has a host of HDMI inputs.

Very grateful for your inputs - I've been very tempted to buy a 2 channel amp but I'm wondering if I would see any benefits.

Thanks in advance

I don't think so. I used an AVR600 at home for quite some time. I've now gone back to separates. (all Arcam) I found the AVR600 very musical, and could have been happy with it for a long time. (dealer disclaimer)

Dear Mohit,

It depends on the amplifier, I actually find that adding a good two channel preamp usually with tubes, or a high end integrated amplifier gives the best sound for a combined music and theater setup.

I usually run a tube preamp/solid state amplifier and use the AVR to drive the center and surrounds.

The Arcam is an excellent receiver and is one of the best of the breed, however, I have found that there are very few high end surround receivers that can beat the best dedicated two channel gear and that includes a high end integrated amplifier.

You may not notice a world of improvement by just substituting an external amplifier for the ARCAM's built in one. You would get most likely an improvement in dynamics and perhaps a bit tighter bass.

One thing I would do after looking at your gear list would be to first try a better dac. The AVR 600 is now a few years old, and there have been some major improvements in digital processing.

I know a host of DAC's that will improve on the performance of the AVR 600, based on advancements made in digital technology recently.

I am guessing that the sound stage and musicality of the system is missing a bit.

Also good power conditioning and power cables can help the system come to life.
Thanks so much, zydo and audio oracle. Would you suggest that the dac be used for the cd and the transporter sources ?