Running 3 Totem Centers, horizontally as L/C/R?

Due to room space and rack constraints, I'm thinking of selling my existing Totem Model 1 main speakers and going with two Totem Center channel speakers as my mains; e.g. running three center channels as my left, center, and right speakers all the same but in a HORIZONTAL position.

Totem tech staff says you can only run their Totem Model 1 Signature center channel in a horizontal position, not vertically. This initial feedback I got from a Totem engineer source is this can work.

Has anyone here ever tried this, using identical center channel speakers horizontally? If so, pros/cons? First hand experience trying this and feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Rich,
I am so impressed with my current center channel and the amount of sound coming out. Totem also makes or use to make a Totem "Twin" Model 1 Signature that looks almost exact to the center channel speaker. I cannot afford those but have some across some deals on the center channels and thought of this option. Totem told me NOT to use a center channel in vertical position. I then asked if I could run three side-by-side horizontally and they said it should work fine. I then started wondering myself if the tweeter on the center channel would be too focused, but that could be a product of center channel input source versus the speaker itself. I don't know, never tried this before, but was sort of thinking of making a "wall of sound", having more drivers by adding two more center channels, one on each side instead of normal two way upright speakers. Against all rules of thinking and audiophile guidelines ;) what spawned this idea was after seeing posts over the years by folks who now run "two sets of R/L main speakers" in home theater systems. I then started thinking maybe I could try three center speakers instead. I'm not sure I'm going to do it, but it has been an idea I would consider if the right deals came about. For now I'm running Totem Model 1s up front that I might sell.