Running 2 dedicated lines in my dedicated room

Hi guys need your opinion on this, im running 2 20A dedicated lines for my audio room. The pathway for these 2 lines are the same from the subpanel to my room but it differs once they are running over the ceiling in my room. The cables are resting on the bracings of my ceiling which will then be covered. 
One outlet will be placed over the left corner  and the other will be at the right corner of my front wall. Since they follow a different pathway in my room there's some discrepancy in length to the outlet for both lines.
My worry is will this be an issue due to the difference in cable length especially with the grounding cable? I did a measurement and the discrepency between both the cable length will be around 4.5-5ft. I'm not sure if that amount of difference will cause any issues.
Please do advise would love to hear your opinions. I have not covered the ceiling yet so I'm able to reroute them.
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If I understand your question correctly you want to know if the AC wiring length makes a difference, one will be 4.5’ to 5’ longer than the other.
Should not make any difference at all.
I’d be more concern if you were passing over some other type of a cable or dimmer that would possibly pick up some type of interference.

Out of curiosity; what type of wiring and what gauge wire are you planning on using?

I have three opinions about your post,
First, to your comment,
The cables are resting on the bracings of my ceiling which will then be covered.
I am not an electrician, and hopefully somebody here that is can weigh in, but I believe electrical cables (i.e., Romex) is required to be fastened to the floor joists and not "resting" on anything.  Hopefully, an electrician performed the work, and your comment above is simply a figure of speech.  If not, I suggest an electrician look at things before you cover up the area with a ceiling.
Second, to the length discrepancy,
I believe you are reading too many audio forums :-)
With two dedicated 20A lines, you will be further along than most here so don't sweat the length difference .   My only suggestion on this issue would be to consider whether you would ever need three dedicated lines before you put the ceiling in. 
I recently added 4 outlets, 6 circuits, for my system. two of the runs I ran 12-3 insted of 12-2 and seperated the jumper between the top and bottom outlets. ( one outlet, 2 circuits) I should be prepared for any future upgrades. Just an idea while you are running the romex.
...and no, like Mitch said, you do not want thr romex resting on anything.
Thank you for your inputs really appreciate it.

I will be using 10awg for the 2 20A lines. As for the type of cables I will be using armoured cables 3 core solid type. I will not be using any dimmers.

The distance of the armoured cables will be an average of 10"-12" away from the lighting cables. However there is a point where they will be near to the lighting cables around 2" away that is the area where they transact but they will not be in direct contact at all. Will this be an issue?

Mitch2 yes the "resting" that i mentioned about i meant the armoured cables will be fasten by a clip that will be rested on the bracings.
It is good to know that the length discrepency is not an issue and yeah been reading from other sites regarding this lol!

There's been lots of discussion on this which got me thinking and decided to ask and clarify it. 

My electrician has been working closely with me on this and based on his opinion I'm trying to get the best of both ends. However I'm leaving it in his hands to install the correct way but making sure that the cables or not crimped or bent acutely. 

I have been installing my dedicated lines and suddenly a thought came to me and wanted to ask your opinions on this matter.

Currently from the main panel the distance of my subpanel is about 2' away and the dedicated lines from my subpanel to my room outlets will be 51'. However I have an option of moving my subpanel near to my room about 10' away so now the distance between the main panel to my subpanel is 30' and the subpanel to my outlets the dedicated lines are around 22'.

So my question is which would be a better option ? Longer dedicated lines to outlet with shorter distance between main panel to sub panel or longer distance between main panel to subpanel and shorter distance for my dedicated lines to outlets?