Rung in lobe and stapes

As you struggle on your audiophile ladder does it consist of infinite rungs, an attainable top rung, or maybe a ladder with no rungs at all? Do you climb the ladder upwards adding more and more along its journey? Or do you travel downwards removing the non-essential achieving zen-like purity? Could your ladder even be a connecting circle where you meet yourself in either rapture, disgust, or even laughter?
Brought to you by R2R and Ganges #9. 
Just don’t get your neck staped on while it’s hanging out and you will be fine.
I agree the aluminum ladders are heavy. Fiberglass folders hard to find.
When I began I saw that sound was sound, speakers were speakers. Then as I learned more and more I came to see that sound was not sound, speakers were not speakers. Finally having become a Zen master audiophile I now see that sound is sound, and speakers are speakers.

Nobody will get this, but just in case someone does: shamelessly stolen from Alan Watts.

Our brains do get in our way more than we realize.  Enjoy the music.
Close your eyes and just LISTEN!
What are you smoking.
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