Runco VX 1000ci vs Sim2 HT300

Any opinions on the Runco VX-1000 ci vs. the Sim2 HT300 plus with a Faroudja digital processor?

The costs are about the same when the Faroudja video processor is included.

The projectors are for a dedicated HT about 18'X18' with complete light control using a Stewart Firehawk 100" screen.

Any opinions on which would be the better projector assuming the cost would be the same?
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No copy protection on the DVI connector. The Runco also has higher light output. Always important, especially for screens over 100 inches.

The Runco is not as good of a scaler.

I have not seen the new SIM, nor the 1000ci. However I have seen the 1000c (at 6 dealers) and 5000ci. Compared to the new Marantz even the 1000c has better everything including black level. I believe it is partly do to better optics??

What else have you found out?
I am planning to get the Runco 1000ci.
Rumor has it that the Runco is a tweaked Sharp Z10000...i can't confirm or deny though :)
Runco's are based on the NEC series of chassis. So forget the Sharp jive.
Not the 1000ci. Nor the prior 1000. NEC doesn't even make an HD2

The lower dlps used to be based on them...and of course the CRTs of a few years back (991, 852, etc)

btw, to the poster--go find the Marantz. Closest to the Runco, at a much better price.
All the DLP chip sets are made by Texas Instruments... The chassis Runco uses is custom built to their specs by NEC..Check out the new Yamaha DLP it looks superb..