Run direct from ML 390s CD player without preamp?

I was considering running the Mark Levinson 390s CD player/processor direct ly into the Conrad Johnson Premier 140 power amp with the Wilson WP7s. How would that work out? What are the advantages or disadvantages of leaving the preamp out of the system? I do not need a tuner and plan only to use CD in the front end.
I did this with my ML-39 and ARC VT-100 with good results.
There are those who claim using a preamp results in
better sound. Try both and decide what is right for you.
Advantage is less circuitry between you & the recorded signal. Disadvantage is the impedance (and load input sensitivity) is not always matched between the source and load. The output impedance of the 390S is low, ~10 ohm / maxi output ~4 volts. Check out the input impedance of the CJ (usually quoted in the specs).

Or, as Dweller suggests, try it. Much simpler. If you hear bass notes at lower volumes, the 390 is driving the amp. If not and the sound is anaemic, then it's not driving it & you need a pre.
I think you would be surprised how good it would sound. The #390s is very flexible. It also offers an upgrade path in that you can go from just the #390s to using a preamp, then use the #390s as a transport using a seperate DAC, and then if you ever have a breakdown with any of your equipment (as long as it is not the #390s you can use it to replace everything in your system except your amps.
I used the #39 for a long time and the #390s is sounds better but offers all of the above advantages.
The #390s preamp stage works in the analog realm and should have no problem driving your preamp. ML also uses a proprietary method to make this work and is one of the few that gets the job done with no apologies.

Good listening!
sgr (Steven)
Also, you would need a pretty good preamp not to reduce the sonics of the ML CDP, which has a pretty good volume control in it stock. You would need to audition a few preamps to see if they better the sonics versus going direct. I am about to audition a few of the CDPs that allow you to go direct and see what they can do, but I also have four different preamps to see if any can add to the sonics.

Happy Listening.
I currently run Rogue M-150's direct from an ML 390s. Absolutely no problems. I ab'ed it against several preamps and the bottom line is you will have to spend a bunch to better the quality of the volume control in the 390s, particularly if you run a balanced connection from the 390s to the amp.
Can somebody explain this Output Voltage and Output Impedance matching with the amplifier? My CD player is an RA Opus with 5.0 Vrms balanced and 2.5 Vrms single-ended for Output Voltage and 100 Ohms for Output Impedance. My amp is a Plinius SA 102 with 47K Ohms Input Impedance.

What exactly am I looking for? What is best...worst?