Run Balanced and RCA at the same time?

Can I run a Balanced to Balanced interconect cable from my pre-amp to amp AND another cable from the same pre-amp to a crossover but that one being an RCA to RCA?
If the signal is running out of both the XLR and RCA outputs at the same time then you can. Sometimes the signal is cut off from one of them when cables are plugged into the other.
Try it. I've run two sets of speakers out of my pre-processor. One balanced to one amp and the other single ended to another amp. This is so I can use one pair of speakers for two channel and the other for surround. I turn off the amp for the speakers I'm not using. Haven't had any problems, though I just started using a second pre-amp for the two channel because I wanted to see what tubes would do.
I run balanced and single-ended out of my BAT VK3i preamp all the time. The BAT provides one set of balanced outs, and one set of single-ended outs. As I use Infinity IRS Beta speaker, I drive the servo woofer EQ box with the single-ended outs, and go direct to my mid/hi amp with the balanced. Excellent! Your preamp may not supply both outputs at the same time, you may want to ask the manufacturer to be sure.
Hey Beemer...that's exactly what I want to 15 ft balanced from LS 25 to ARC vt100 then run 15 ft single ended to my xover. The cables will probably be different.....

WireWorld-Jenna-Acoustic Zen to the power amp(balanced) and then my older 330 MIT rca to the crossover..sound ok??
Keep in mind that balanced outputs are TYPICALLY of higher output than most RCA based outputs. In other words, you may have to play around ( even more ) with gain matching the two amps. Sean
I would keep in mind what Sean says. You will need to level-match as the balanced side will run aprox. 6db hotter. In my case the Infinity servo xover has a woofer level control. If your crossover has a level control you'll be all set, or you may have to make a "little black box" with a good pot!
Thanks guys...because I would like to use a 15 foot IC I have been reading that balanced cables are better then single ended in that lenght. Thats the only reason I am considering the balanced cables.
Beemer, the crossover for the RS 1-B's has a low frequency level knob so I think I am safe with the base volumn.
Hello RWD:

The RS1x crossover box is required for the proper operation of the mid/tweeter panels. The xover in the bottom of the panels IS NOT FULLY PASSIVE. You MAY damage your mid/tweeter panels running direct. For your info, please check this PDF I put up for you at my site:

It clearly shows caps in the line to the hi-pass outs.
EMIM mylars are no longer available, I'd hate to see you ruin a fine speaker. Lord knows, I must have owned and tweaked 5 pairs of RS1x over the years! Please RWD, proceed with extreme caution!

Since we are on the subject, i just saw a review of a product that had LESS gain through the balanced outs than it did through the RCA's. I think it was appr +4 dB's hotter through the RCA's, so this was really confusing and out of the ordinary. Should you have questions about stuff like that or have to use both types of outputs, i would HIGHLY recommend contacting the manufacturer.

RWD, Beemer is quite right. Treat your babies with respect and proceed with the utmost in caution. Parts for that speaker don't grow on trees anymore. Sean
Thanks Sean & Beemer....before I run my VT 100 amp into the mid/tweeter panels directly I will add the cap (not sure where((I am a techno dummy)). I will have my dealer do it. But some people say put the cap in the vt 100....some say add an out-cable box with the cap in it.....some say put the cap in the ls 25 pre amp. What are your thoughts?