Rumor - Vandersteen 5 Upgrade Price Increase

OK everyone, if you haven't heard yet...there will be an increase in prices for Vandersteen speakers next year. I don't have any details on how much, but I expect we'll hear about it after CES.

Most important...if you own Model 5s and want to upgrade to 5As you need to get a check over to your dealer ASAP. The price will be going up dramatically. No prices have been released that I know of, but it's better to be fore-warned.

Just trying to help. This is all the info I have so if you want more detail you'll have to try your dealers after the show.

Happy Holidays!
Not sure if any changes are forthcoming...but the price is definitely going up. I just heard that any upgrades under the current price need to be AT Vandersteen by the end of the year.

As for pricing, this will be the first major price adjustment in about 10 years for the line...I think. Someone out there probably knows. In any case, it makes a lot of sense to me.
i just purchased a pair of 5A's...the price is going up $2,000. not sure of the price of the upgrade.
The price for the upgrade will be over $9k for 2nd owners. Original owners will pay around $7k.