Rumer...Live From Daryl's House

Did anyone see the new "Live From Daryl's House" with Rumer? I have never heard of her, but she is WONDERFUL. I did a little research and she is being compared to Karen Carpenter.

She has just 2 albums out so far and both are very good.

If you get a chance to see the "Live From Daryl's House" with her, it's not to be missed.

Also, since I'm on a "Live From Daryl's House" kick, last week's show had Butch Walker. I had never heard of him either. After the show, I ordered a couple of his albums. He is a very talented songwriter and singer and has produced a ton of albums for others. Recommended!
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Not to mention the sound quality coming from Palladia on that program. I am blown away at the volume i can turn that program up without fatigue .My local libary has one cd of hers that i placed a order for. Cannot wait to go pick it up . Her voice is fine.A local DJ here in mpls has been talking about live from daryls house for a couple of years . I never did check it out until i recently stumbled across the paladia shows. His website has many more i have yet to see .
I can't get that song "Lady Day and John Coltrane" that they do with Rumer out of head. What a groovy, funky beat.

They need to release that as a single.

Thanks for the heads up about his website. I just watched the Grace Potter episode...GREAT!
Daryl mentioned at the end of the program that they were going to work together in the future . I saved last weeks episode on the dvr for future listens . Not sure if comcast has those ondemand . If they do i missed the first few episodes which i am sure are as good as the last 4 i have seen . jason maraz , ceelo green, butch walker , and todd rundgren, great program !
Love the episode with Ceelo. That's as good as I've heard from him. There's a chemistry that works and they're having such a good time it's infectious.
Thanks for the heads up. I'm a big fan, but I've been waiting forever for a new webisode. The Retrospective seems to have been up forever.

Well, off to visit Daryl.