Rumble from Thorens 160 how to eliminate?

Have a TD 160 (maybe 165) that I recently took out of retirement. Has a good deal of rumble going on, my sub drivers look like I am playing rap music between songs! I put some 3~1 oil in the spindle bushing tube on the sub platter (not a lot, I am not sure if it's the kind that is looking for a half teaspoon or so). Original belt, so it is slow to start but does get going. Using an older Grado cart. which is in good shape. Any fixes before I chuck it and buy a Rega 1? Oil the motor, and if so how?
Check out the mods at I've done most of those mods and more, my 160 is nearly as quiet as my VPI. A well isolated stand is also critical.
For a quick check....

You might want to move the table away from your speakers a little more if it sits close to it or to make sure that the table sits on solid stand and does not vibrate when your woofers are firing. Most of the time, rumble comes from TT isolation and proximity to the speakers or sub. Another thing that is common is the mismatch in arm/cart combo.
I would be more suspicious of airborn and/or mechanical isolation induced vibrations causing you to hear the rumble as opposed to the bearing. Just as the previous posters have mentioned. Unless you have a Thorens TP series arm, a mismatch from cart/arm combo can be also contribute to the problem. They use to make "rumble filters" that you could stick on the phono cable rca plugs, although I dont know if they are still avail., but that only reduces the sonic effects of the "rumble" and is not a cure.
Thanks for the info. It is not a constant rumble, it almost looks like the woofers overextend at one particular point in the platters revolution. I watch the woofers as the platter spins between songs and 2 long excursions and then it stops. Next revolution same thing. I wish I had a low pass filter on my (I shiver to use the words) surround receiver.