Rug for room ascoustics

Hi all,

I recently put in new laminate flooring in my family room and I have some nasty echo's and reflections. My speakers are 6 ft apart from end to end and are 5ft out from my couch. I was curious what kind of rug size would be ideal for acoustics? Will I want something that overlaps these dimensions or something that is within the borders of these dimensions?
The larger and thicker the better. Reflections can really screw up the sound. If there's no other acoustic treatment in the room then thick and large is definitely the smartest move.
Wool is prefered because it is a natural material. But also be aware that it can cause major static build up.
Get a natural fiber that absorbs and not acrylic or polyester. Get a Natural fiber pad, not a rubber pad for under the rug to provide more absorbtion.

if you haven't treated your ceiling corner joints do it!

Can you recommend any products for ceiling corners? Keeping in mind I have a living room and not a dedicated audio worship room.
WAF is more difficult...

Echbusters (plus there are lots of colors you can get them in to try and match things in your room) don't look like pillow hanging in the corners like the Michael Green's and others.. Realtrap Corner busters are amazing but will be probably be too large.