Rued Langgaard. Thoughts?

Picked up an SACD of Music of the Spheres, and I'm not sure what to make of it.  Really enjoy it, but it's a bit insane.

Thoughts on this fella, Langgaard?
I am a big fan.  Try Antikrist or Messis.

I also am a fan of Langgaard.  If you enjoy chamber music, give his string quartets a try.  They are very worthwhile IMO.
Thanks.  Listened to some clips and ordered the Symphonies.  I'm sure your recommendations will be ordered, shortly.

Did you find him odd the first time you had a good listen?
Yes, and I continue to find him odd, or at least distinctive, every time I listen.  That is at least part of the attraction.  His music is not great, in the way Brahms was great, but his music is novel.  I have heard Brahms 1st hundreds of times.  Not so the music of Langgaard.  His quartets get much more playing time than his orchestral music, and so have lost some of their novelty, but I still enjoy them very much.  I'd love to hear the thoughts of Frogman and Schubert on Langgaard.

I like his chamber works and the Antikrist opera quite a bit. I don't think the music sound "odd."  It is sort of on the border of late romantic and modern music--modern and tonal at the same time.
@kr4. Thanks for the recommendation on Messis.  Just lovely.  I'm a fan.

@larryi .  A little less "odd" working through other pieces.  Probably from starting with "Music of the Spheres," which I still find chaotic and strange.