Rubbing sound fromTechnics SP 15 platter

I just salvaged two Technics SP 15 decks with AT tonearms from a closed radio station. While both decks spin, each makes a rubbing sound when the platter rotates.

I have not investigated yet, having no real experience in turntable repair. Any thoughts what might be the problem? I have no idea whether these tables were recently in use or not,,,my guess is not. I'd rather not spend $$$ having a tech trouble shoot if the problem is as simple as adding oil or as serious as DOA.

I also secured a truly vintage Fairchild belt driven transcription broadcast table (cicra 1960)with 2 original 12" Gray Research arms, cartridges and integral metal stand. The set up must weight close to 100#. I would like to have it restored. This table is a real collector's item. Any thoughts who to contact?


I've never owned an SP15 but my first thought is that the bearing has worn out. You might put a couple of drop's of oil in the well to see if it makes any difference. FWIW.
See if there's a set-screw on the motor that can adjust the bearing up. Maybe directly below the spindle? I don't know if Technics has one on their motors, but some tables do. As stated above, a drop or two of oil might do the trick also.
I own an SP-15, and the platter sits on a conical sleeve below the spindle, and the hole in the platter has a corresponding conical bore. It's fairly easy, with age and/or abuse, to get the platter cocked slightly, which will cause it to rub the case. Remove the platter by taking off the mat, grabbing the platter through the holes and pulling straight up. You can rock it a minute amount side to side to help loosen it, but be careful because too much side to side will damage the bearing. If it doesn't come off fairly easily (pretty common) then spray the joint between the platter and sleeve with something like WD-40 and let it sit overnight, then try it again. With some patience you should be able to get it off.

After the platter's been removed, clean up the sleeve and platter bore and reinstall the platter with about a quarter turn in relation to its old position relative to the spindle. This is frequently enough to true up the platter and make the table usable again.

While you have the platter off, clean all the dust out of the vents and holes in the case, and oil the bearing using something like Mobil One.

Good luck!

Bent spindles and thrust plates are not uncommon in the SP-15. Hopefully, yours aren't, but it all depends on how they have been handled.
About that rubbing sound. Could it be the hoogy that directs the belt from 33 to 45. Sometimes it is out of alignment and only needs to be adjusted with a set screw. Hope this solves your problem.
I own 2 of these things. I doubt - with all due respect - that the rubbing sound you hear is either the bearing or the spindle but almost certainly the brake. There is a simple adjustment to be made. Download the manual from vinylengine and I think it is one of the first things mentioned.

You can even adjust it so that the brake is never in contact with the platter. If you are not using this for radio, I doubt you will need the brake.

Best ~

I just got an SP-15 which was also suffering from the rubbing sound, but it seems like it's because the conical sleeve/bore are worn causing the platter to sit too low on the spindle.

The rubbing sound is being caused by the underside of the platter rubbing on the plastic cover that sits over the mechanical brake. Removing this cover stops the rubbing sound.


Jim Howard has experience repairing SP15s, along with other Technics tables. Suggest you contact him -
Put a small washer under the each of the 3 mounting holes, where the assembly meets the plinth. That will raise it just enough to keep the platter from scraping on the plastic shroud.