Ruark Accolade - how good are they?

Hi all of you.

I need some advice on a pair of speakers i have been ofered to by. Ruark Accolade. It is a larger 3 vay system usinf Dynaudio drivers. 1`tweeter D-76 and 11`bas. The simple question is - are they worth bying?

Thanks for helping out

Peter Jensen
I hope you bought them! I own a pair and I love them, would't change them for any other speakers...
i don't know about the speakers you mentioned, but I CAN tell you that I heard a pair of Sabre III's at a local dealer and they sounded fan-freakin-tastic. Sound belies the size of the speaker in a big way. Crisp, clean, articulate...

...don't know if this info helps at all, but i figured it was worth mentioning.
I'm thinking about buying a pair to replace some Epos ES22s, I will be bi-amping them from a TAG 100x5R power amp - does this sound sensible?

I am looking for a pair in good condition.
Still Looking
excellent piece of kit,the sound is smooth the bass is shattering and the top end is crystal