RTR electrstatic speakers

Could anyone supply some technical information on the RTR electrostatic panels that were used in the Infinity Servo Static and The Crown ESL Speakers back in the 70's. Thanks, Brian
I, too have Crown electrostats several sets of 224's and 212's. Can't really tell if RTR or Crown mfr since RTR made them for Crown. Could be either. Any info would be of interest, including anybody who has some good ones and wants to sell. I will be interested in conversing with anyone.
In the mid 70's I was stationed in San Diego CA and had previously purchased the RTR 400's while in Bremerton WA.  I also purchased the ESR-6 Tweeter Box to sit atop them. At some point they developed a problem and since Canoga Park was a reasonably short drive I took them there for warranty repair.  These folks were most helpful.  While I was waiting a very nice fellow named Joe Alinsky took me for a tour.  During that time there he sold me a pair of blem 400's to take home.  At that point I began to build the system I currently have.  It consists of the ESR-6 box, 8 D150 mid range panels in their own cabinet and I had a cabinet shop in San Diego construct me two woofer cabinets out of 1 1/4 MDF dense particle board each one at roughly 8 cu/ft.  The woofer cabinets are internally separated as was advised by the folks at RTR.  The problem was this setup proved too much for any one amp - at least one I could afford at the time - to drive this system.  Yes, the AR D-150 did a fine job but was out of my reach.  The solution was to use the AR EC-2 crossed at 400 Hz  a Phase Linear 400 for the lower end and a Crown D-150 for the upper.  The Crown was eventually replaced with a Threshold 400a.  As each person has different taste - and hearing - aside from the Infinity Server Static 1A's I've never thought to part with what I have.  Now that I'm OLD and realizing that when I go my son will put all this in the dumpster,  I've thought to sell it off.  Sadly, eBay seems a poor platform to use as there is no shipping possibilities - each woofer cabinet is over 200 lbs.  Any suggestions - or offers- would be greatly appreciated!  If you've read this far I thank you!    

An old thread with lots of great informed info., to which I can add only:

Other loudspeakers that incorporated the RTR ESL tweeter were the ESS Transtatic I (the first ESL driver I heard. I now own a pair of TS I’s) and the Fulton Model J (the ESR-6 cube, placed atop the Fulton Model 80 for the midrange, which sat upon a transmission-line loaded woofer enclosure). The Transtatic also used the famous KEF B139 oval woofer (in a 1/4-wave transmission-line enclosure), used in pairs by David Wilson in his original WAMM.