RtR Electrostatic Hybrid Speaker ?

I acquired a RtR speaker pair that have 6 (each) electrostatics - 2 ea. on three sides, one mid on three sides, one 8" on three sides, and a separate 12" woofer enclosure. All walnut grain (of course, they are RtR). Any help as to what model, specs would be appreciated. I used to own the RtR 280's which I loved but I blew (literally burned up, as in flames, because of the amp I was using).
I got these from a ad that advertised a "hi-fi" system. It included a Crown DC300 amp, IC-150 preamp, Marantz Model 20 (not 10b!), a Vector Research VCX-800 cassette deck (any info you guys have on this?), a pioneer receiver(eh).

I can email pictures - hdewees@earthlink.net

you can also email me at howard.dewees@sick.com

The RTR tweeters are great-sounding -- when they work. Way back when, I was using Infinity 2000A speakers that had 4 of these tweeters per side. I had noticed an increasing weakness in the treble and came to discover that most of the tweeters were simply not working, though there were no external signs of this. Good luck with yours, Dave
send me a photo, i will ask bob rehourse, owner of rtr of old, and find out. jim