RSD 2016

I stayed local, still extremely happy.....

Big Star (Complete Columbia) " live at university of missouri 4/25/93"
Muddy Waters "Hoochie Coochie Man" (Live at The Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club)
 (the two above, first time on vinyl)
Sublime "Jah Won't Pay The Bills"
Buddy Guy & Junior Wells "The Criteria Sessions"  (I've listened..... a solid 9.5 stars, (analog)

Hope others have a good one!

Crappy weather in Colorado today. You couldn’t have asked for a worse day. Rain, snow, wind just horrible, but the RSD crowd was in great spirits.

My haul today:

David Bowie TVC15 Rhino 7" Picture Disc

Brandi Carlisle – Live From KCRW [12”] Colored Vinyl

Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle-Wake Up Little Susie 7"

Fleetwood Mac — The Alternate Tusk 180-Gram

Jett & The Blackhearts – Sinner (10th Anniversary) [LP] Clear Vinyl

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Kiss My Amps II

Lucinda Williams - Just A Little More Faith And Grace [12’’]

Various Artists - One Voice [12’’ EP] (feat. Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, Susanna Hoffs, Lydia Loveless, Neko Case & Brian May,

Warren Zevon/Flamin’ Groves-Werewolves of London Rhino 7" Picture Disc

Got everything on my list, so I’m a happy camper...
Slaw-When you get a chance, please let us know how the
Live Big Star is. MF has apparently heard it, and said it had
good sound…. 

I'm VERY happy with it. I just wish I'd had the forethought to purchase all of the copies for a later sale. 

For a recording from a university show, it exceeds all expectations, and then some. On top of that, it really shows how great of a band Big Star was. I wish I could have seen them live!

I own most of their Four Men With Beards lps and while they sound very good, I'd say this one is more analog sounding and extremely worth seeking out. Another solid 9.5 out of ten stars.
...another note..

I found it hard to stay seated while listening. I just wanted to get up and (move) somehow while listening to Big Star live!
Thanks Slaw. Sounds like the Big Star Live is a winner.  But just so I understand, you last comment was a GOOD thing, right ?  (-:
Definitely a good day in Pittsburgh, PA at The Attic. Arrived an hour and a half after opening and still found everything on my list and more. I typically stand in line but glad I didn't have to this year.

Al Escobar- Rhythmagic (Sundazed Music/Modern Harmonic) [1000]

Various Artists (29) - Instrumentals Soul-Style (History of Soul) [500]

Cachao - Cachao's Gonna Make You Dance! (Grosso) [500]

Allen Toussaint - Live in Philadelphia 1975 (Rhino) [5000]

Grateful Dead - Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ 4/25/1977 (Rhino) [7700]

Sublime - Jah Won't Pay the Bills (Skunk Records) 

Hope everyone had a great day..

Did anyone get a copy of Wrecking Ball? How's it?
Nice score! asp307.

Yes, a positive comment.

I guess it was another failed attempt at humor.... (since I'm an ageing white male), I didn't really want to say I wanted to get up and dance? It just didn't seem right, although in my own mind, that's exactly what I wanted to do. Ha ha.
@jafant thanks...I listened to most of them yesterday. The Cachao is amazing, although I am a sucker for big horns and lots of percussion. Did you make it out?
Gotcha -  that's what I thought.  I was also eyeing The Doors: Live @ Aquarius, which I believe is the first session.  I already have so many Doors LP's, that I'm now questioning my sanity.  


I seriously looked at it, and then came to my senses.

I am curious about the sound quality of the live Doors offering so if anyone has purchased please do share.

Any live Doors is excellent.
Big star lp is fantastic
I picked up Bardo Ponds RSD release. A double album they did with Acid Mothers Temple. Great catch!