RSA Haley

Does anyone know how long this model has been out and how many versions there are? If there is more than one version are there any differences sonically? Thanks!
From what I was told by the nice guys at Dedicated Audio here in the Phoenix market when I bought mine, the only thing that has changed is the cosmetics. They no longer carry the line.
Unless you're (happily) using Cardas Golden Reference cabling in your system, Don't bother with the Mongoose cord, however.
All my PC's except one are Aural Symphonics Magic Gems. They bettered Valhallas; but both were a great match for the Haley.
Remember, it's cord to the wall is 15A, and not twenty like the Jaco.
I previously used a Haley last year that had the upgraded brushed aluminum faceplate. I sold it to a local buddy of mine. The faceplate had "Haley" at the bottom center of it and I just bought another last week that has Haley at the top right corner. This leads me to believe that there were 2 versions I know of. I was wondering if there were performance/sonic differences. Evidently I bought an older model and was wondering also when did they make cosmetic changes.
I did have a Cardas Golden Ref running my last Haley with good results. Now I am using a Fusion Audio Predator as I sold the Cardas with my previous Haley. I also have at the moment a VH Audio AirSine on my integrated amp and a Shunyata Python Alpha (red) on my CDP. I wonder if this is the best way to use these powercords or do you think I should switch. Maybe this is system/ear dependant :)

There are 2 versions now,original and elite (has different caps and carbon fiber face plate I believe)Sonically newer is supposed to be better.