RS Jaco Cord Upgrade ?


Need some ideas on which power cord to try on my Jaco; looking for a neutral cord with no color. Currently using a JPS AC+ power cord.

Reasonably priced cord...

The best cord I ever heard on my Jaco or Danielle was a Elrod EPS-3 Signature. An oldie, but a goodie!!


This might be out of your reasonable price requirement, but I'll throw it out there for your thoughts.

Most of the reviews for the Dmitri say that the top of their line Running Springs HZ ( High Zoot ) Crown Jewel power cord is the recommended power cord for it. It's $2,400.00.

However, just as the RS Mongoose power cord was licensed from Cardas, the HZ Crown Jewel power cord was licensed from Craig Hampel. It was his CH Acoustic X15 power cord.

I had the X15 power cords in my system until Craig came out with the X20 power cords, which are even better. The X20 power cord is $2,700.00.

If you want a power cord that to me, completely steps out of the way and lets the music flow freely, this will do.


Thanks for the information; something to look into...
I have a Dmitri and a Maxim. I bought them with the "Mongoose" and one day got a decent deal on the HZ cable. I felt the Mongoose made my system "nervous" and hyper detailed for lack of a better description... With the HZ, everything seems calm, quieter and more "natural." I haven't tried anything else yet due to the 20amp IEC but honestly, don't really have much desire to either. The HZ cables come up once in a while for $800-1k used.
Thanks for your cable recommendation! I have acquired a HZ Crown Jewel and an X20 PC and I can’t believe my ears, it’s like a veil has been lifted off of my speakers. Instruments like violins, cellos, trumpets, clarinets and acoustic guitars have an unbelievable realness to them that I can’t really put into words.

Ch Acoustics cables has beautiful tone, timbre, PRAT and excellent detail retrieval, I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before and it’s almost like being at a LIVE event in your own living room. You may think that the cables you have are good but when compared to Ch Acoustics, you’ll find out that they are muddy in the bass with excessive bloom. Be prepared to hear clarity, pin-point imaging, deep and wide sound-stage way beyond the boundaries of your speakers and delineation of instruments like you have never heard before.

I still can’t believe what I’m hearing or not hearing; it sounds so REAL…
Wig, How would you characterize the difference between those two power cords?

I have been wanting to get a used HZ Crown Jewel for my Maxim to replace the Mongoose cable for a couple of years, but they don't appear for sale that often and they do sell - I've missed out on several. I keep looking.

The CH Acoustics X20 power cord at $2,700 is a bit too expensive for me.


The X20 has a much lower floor noise with speed and transparency that's unbelievable. The Crown Jewel is an X15 and if you see one, grab it because just one of these cords will transform your system...
Thanks Wig.

I'm looking to replace the power cord for my Haley. Right now I'm using an Audience Powerchord and it does a good job. I'm considering trying a Sablon Gran Corona and a friend is bringing his over later today so I could hear it. I'm already using Sablons on my mono blocks and dac and I'm very happy with them so far. It would be fun to do a shoot out between the crown jewel vs gran corona.
I've been listening to the Sablon gran corona feed my Haley foe past few hours, and it is a significant upgrade over the Audience Powerchord I was using. The music now sounds more relaxed, organic, and natural sounding. It's exactly what my system needed. Previous to this my rig also sounded a little 'nervous'.


I'm really glad that you tried the CH Acoustic X20. It sounds like you like it as much as I do.

Krell man,

I have heard and owned many, many PC and none has made a drastic improvement like the X20; definitely loving it...
Since there seems to be some continuing interest in the Running Springs Audio HZ Crown Jewel, I thought we'd weigh in with some definitive information.

It is true that we (CH Acoustics) designed and licensed this cable to RSA. In the early days, we built units for them. These can be identified by the connectors. The ones we built have a blue and black colored weave in the Carbon Fiber ends.
The ones RSA built have an all black carbon weave.
We built approximately a dozen units before we taught RSA our process. According to our records, RSA built 25 units in their factory.
So there are roughly 3 dozen HZ Crown Jewels out there.

And there won't be any more. When the parent company that owned RSA changed, the new company decided that they didn't want to pursue making the Crown Jewel on account of it's manufacturing complexity. We also know that there is no chance that it will ever be taken up again because there is literally no people remaining at the new company who knows how to build them. Nor will we renew our license with them.

We mention this for a couple reasons.
1) So that enthusiasts can gauge just how likely it is that an HZ will occasionally come up for sale. With only 3 dozen out there, and at least one dozen of those with owners who claim they will never give them up, they are becoming increasingly rare. (Six of them are in one location!)

2) Since Running Springs is no longer making them, and because no one still there even knows whats inside, we have adopted the service/support of all existing HZ Crown Jewels. So, in the unlikely event that anything ever goes wrong with one, the owner need not worry about investing in a dud. We will service the unit.

Also, in an effort to eliminate confusion over the long haul, we will accept the HZ Crown Jewel in trade towards our own current products.

Our original power cable, the "X15" is indeed an exact twin of the HZ Crown Jewel. However, to the best of our record keeping, there are no longer any of those out there. When we introduced the X20 we offered an instant upgrade to all X15 owners and we're pretty sure we've received back all that were out there to begin with. We were pretty aggressive in this effort to get them all back as there was an ever increasing confusion in the marketplace between the X15 and the HZ.

Finally, we want to thank Ron for his kind words. We are very pleased that he is enjoying his music more than ever before.

I look forward to my nightly listening sessions and am thankful for the responses I got in regard to PC upgrade for my Jaco.

The X20's on my Tube integrated amp and Tube power supply is "Spectacular" and you'll have to hear it for yourself to appreciate what Chacoustic will do for your system; spooky realism coming from a pitch black background and I'm just elated on how instruments sounds convincingly like the real deal...

Chacoustic, your cables speak for themselves and I'm a very satisfied customer! :)
Chacoustic, thanks for the excellent information.

Alright, I just bought a used RSA Dmitri, so now I have to keep my eye out for a used 20A HZ Crown Jewel or X-20 to pair with never seems to end....sigh.


You don't have to, but you don't know what you'll be missing. You're right, it never seems to end! Isn't this a fun hobby?

Chuck, it's a lot of fun until you look in your wallet and find out it's empty. LOL!!
I need to stop buying stuff and start selling stuff for a change!!
Fortunately, I'm not desperate, I do have an Elrod EPS-3 Signature that will hold me over for the time being. I recall preferring the Elrod over more expensive cords like the Stealth Dream, Nordost Valhalla and PAD 20th Anniversary on my RSA Jaco conditioner previously. So it's not like I'll be stuck in the mud while I wait for a used cord to show up. ;)