RS Cable Solid Silver Interconnects

Dose anyone have any experience with RS Cable Solid Silver Interconnects (specifically Solid Silver Balanced)?
What is your opinion?

I just recently got a pair of the Illumine` interconnect with Eichmann Bullet RCA plugs. I must say the cable is excellent. Fabulous transparency as you would expect from silver but no glare or harshness. Just a clear window on the music and they compare very favorably to my Kimber KCAG's at 3x the price. Very highly recommended, especially if you're using tubes.
i've got the solid silver's which i fitted the eichman silver bullets to (before rs started offering this....). sounds good to me. i haven't really compared them to many other cables, and certainly none of any of high cost / high end cables, but they certainly seem very smooth and detailed. who knows, if i tried out something really exotic i might not be as satisfied, but at then moment, i'm very happy with the sound i'm getting with them.