RS-A1 set up

Hi, I would like to install this unique tonearm in the best pssible way, and can't find especific information. Would like to hear from people who have/had this tonearm what I do have to take into consideration to seting up the RS-A1 correctly?. For example, I have read that needs to be underhang and not overgang, if this is correct, in your experience, what is the exact distance?; all that you can mention will be of great help. thanks in advance
Go to Vinyl Engine. There you will find an English translation of the owners manual. But all you really need to know is that "underhang" is correct. The recommendation is that the distance between the spindle and the stylus tip should be 19.5mm (i.e., the stylus tip should fall 19.5mm short of the spindle), when the tonearm pivot, headshell, and the spindle are aligned. I accidentally set mine up incorrectly the first time (used a shorter amount of underhang), and I can say that getting this distance at least close to exact is worth the effort.
Perfect, I will follow what you mention. Thanks