Rrecommeded "loading" for a Benz Ruby?

What is the recommended "loading" for a Benz Ruby? Thank you
The answer depends on your phono stage, cabling and personal taste.
I think Musical Surroundings (the importer) suggests 47K. Although
that provides good results, I preferred 27K which lowered the
distortion and smoothed out the high frequencies.
I am running mine at 15k w/62db gain.
The Benz Lukaschek Phonostage designed by Benz with the Ruby in mind has a loading of 22K. This seems pretty in line with what the previous posters have said. My Musical Surroundings Phonomenal only has settings of 50K, 2K, 1K and lower and with these options my Benz L2 sounds best at 2K.
A bit System Depending.
I used 47Kohm with my Ruby, in my System it sounded very good with that Load.
Benz himself ran it with 47k, but it will work with other loads, too, of course.