RP8 dustcover or not?

I own the magnificent Rega RP8 turntable and are a very pleased owner by far. I do have a question, and have not yet see this discussed..?? The RP8 are great looking in it self, but when you take off the outer-frame and do NOT have the luxury using the dustcover, it looks awsome. But you now have free access for dust to get to the table, and i really don`t know if this could be a problem on the long run..?? And YES, it is relatively easy to take the outerframe off, but it`s not THAT easy, so to flex between on/off, would be 2 much i guess. So if i could have it my way, i will use it without the outer-frame, but on the other hand, i don`t wan`t to destroy/damage anything..?? Anyone has any experience with this..??
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I will be dealing with this issue in a few weeks when my RP10 arrives.

Even though I'd prefer to not use the outer-frame and dust cover, I likely will since my cats love sneaking into the stereo room.

You might see if there's a Ginko or similar acrylic cover that's general in size enough to fit over the skeletal part of the RP8. The Ginko cover that I bought for my Marantz TT also can cover an LP-12 or TD-125. You would obviously need one that rests atop on your TT shelf OUTSIDE of the RP8 plinth.
One possibility you might consider is a custom acrylic cover that completely envelops the T/T. (The manufacturers can incorporate 1" cutouts at the back to provide exit routes for cables.)

Skeletal covers tend to be as effective as no cover at all. They might provide a degree of physical protection against cats though ;^)
I had a custom cover made for my RP10 and packed the base and cover away. I checked with a number of acrylic cover company's e.g. Ginkgo and found a local cover at a 3rd of the price. It isn't as nicely finished but it does and excellent job in preventing dust pentration. You may check for someone in your area that works with plastics and acrylics.
Ask Norm Cones at Stereo Squares about making an acrylic cover. He will fit your dimensions.