RP6 so many ??

Why are there so many RP6 tables for sale? Seems strange since its relatively a new table.
Why so many "Why so many XXXX for sale?" threads?

I see 2 RP6's for sale, that doesn't seem unreasonable.
popular and easy to sell generic product.
At least one for sale has a buyer asking for sales tax if the sale occurs in state. Sounds like a demo sale, which there seems to be a good amount of going on with the RP6 (I got mine at a great price as a "demo - sealed box". Times continue to be tough economy-wise, both for audio dealers and sales / posts on this ever diminishing site. Maybe the street price for the RP6 is adjusting for the current times...
What's an RP6?
Lewm, this thread is in reference to Rega's RP6 turntable.
Or maybe it doesn't sound good. That's possible too.
A special task force exists outside of regular audio.
They are sort of the audio equivalent of SMERSH. They paln devious methods to confuse audiophiles..
One of the favorite is to dump piles of an item into the market to make us worry something is wrong..
Do not fall for The SMERSH ploy....
This week it is Rega RP6.. Next week who knows???