Royal Oak, Michigan

I am interested in starting an "informal" audio group in southeastern michigan. There are probably other groups in the area. That's fine. I've also posted this same message on audioasylum.

Basically, this message is just to field possible interest to see if we'd have enough folks who'd be willing to show up, discuss, and enjoy learning about and listening to audio-related stuff - I have ONE (yes, just one) other interested person.

I'd like the group to be "informal" in that we'd have NO membership dues, NO president, NO board, etc. Meetings would be once per month on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The first meeting will be at my humble house with my humble system (

Other meeting locations can be discussed. Beer (or other enlightened beverage) drinking is expected. Food will be eaten.

If you're interested, let me know.

E-mail me off line. I am interested.

I am interested too;please e-mail me off line.Mark.
I'm in Ann Arbor. I might well be interested in Saturday meetings, though I'm not available on Sundays. If you do get this going, please put me on your email list and I'll try to attend.

Chris Newman
I emailed you as well as responded to your Audio Asylum post. Drop me an email offline, and we'll talk. It's an excellent idea.
Hi Jeff,

I'm interested as well. I'm in Grosse Point and would love the opportunity to chat with other local Audiophiles about any and everything related to Audio - Tubes and Music in general. And also discuss things @ Audio Dimensions and reminence about those days of old hanging out at Absolute Sounds in Royal Oak or Ann Anbor - And by the way! You local Cats have to visit Paragon Sights and Sounds in Ann Arbor or Arthur's Audio in Orchard Lake for what I view as some of the most diverse Toys under the sun. Both of these Guys are very laid back and quite knowledgeable when it comes to items out of the norm.

Please feel free to email me me offline with further details. I llok forward to both hearing from you and seeing you in the weeks to come.

- EL34EH
Pvtfreedom, sound good. I reside in Pleasant Ridge and would be interested. Let's see what we can make of it. I like your "informal" suggestion. Cheers!
I'm in West Bloomfield and would be interested. E-mail me off line to discuss further, I can host.
Good grief! a huge response…looks like the group is a GO! I’ll email everyone who was interested today with some details on the first meeting.

Please count me in as well - Dan
me too, me too! posted over on AA as well, i just noticed this one.
Just sent out an email announcing the first meeting and location. If you haven't sent me your email address and are still interested, drop me an email at jeffrmathers(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll get you on the list.


Our group met last Saturday with great success. While we didn't accomplish too much, we did get to listen to some tunes and have a few beers.

If I missed anyone on the emails, please send me your email address and I'll sign you up to the list. We'll meet again early next month.

Sorry I missed it. I look forward to the next meeting, and hope I can make it.
Wow, a bit of history Jeff!

Jim Michalak
Can't believe you found this. Interesting piece of history indeed. I'm surprised my people.emich website is still up - I'll have to do some editing.

I may have to forward this to the membership.
Time has flown, hasn't it Jim, Jeff, and all my other SMAC (Southeast Michigan Audio Club) friends! Our humble beginnings, and this is how it began.

Happy Listening!
SMAC (Southeast Michigan Audio Club) 10 years and running with over 300 souls on the mailing list and we have never missed a monthly gathering... 
This brings back some memories!