Roy Orbison's Best Recorded CD's

Can someone tell me some of the BEST RECORDED cd's of Roy Orbison? Thanks
I've got Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits 16 tracks in HDCD. If your cdp has hdcd it's worth your while.
Have you listened to or seen the Black & White concert on DVD? If not you should it's very well done, looks and sounds very good. Otherwise there's not to much to choose from when it comes to R.O.
P.s. 67SS ..... good choice! Had a 66SS years ago, wish I had it now.
Good luck.
Hey Chevelle:
I am going to agree and disagree with Wizard. Black & White Night is classic if you like RO. If you have access to both DVD and Laser Disc, I would argue that the older LD is better, but that is my opinion. I have had both of them.
On CDs of RO's material, you have a generous amount of choices, but you may have to look a bit. For the RO fan, (I am, and had the priviledge of seeing him in concert on several occasions) most will I think agree that his early material is where his true talent expressed itself. The bright spots of his early work are available on CD, and the quality is very good. Specifically, Lonely & Blue (first album) and Crying (second album) and In Dreams (third album) are available as single CDs and Orbisongs (1966) has been released on CD as a double with In Dreams, but I think only in the European market.
If you are serious, send me a private email. I may have some extras.
The DCC 24Karat Gold CD "Roy Orbison's All-Time Greatest Hits" is much more comprehensive and sounds far better than the HDCD "16 Greatest Hits" CD. Its a bit pricey but worth it if you are a big fan. BTW I got my first ticket (spinning wheels) at age 16 in my brother's 66 SS396 ragtop that he had recently bought new.
Thanks guys for taking your time to give me some ideas.
I have been looking in Ebay for some of Roy's recordings and they have quite a selection but don't know which is recorded better than others.

My system is wonderful on good recordings but unbearable on bad ones.

I can't find the 24k gold cd of "all time greatest hits" but they do have a few of the same title in volumes 1 and 2 separate or together in 1 cd. Just not in gold.

Anyway, I think R.O. will always be remembered as one of the greatest male vocalist ever existed and I sure would like to have a set of his gold cd's that contain most of his popular songs.

Thanks again guys!

Chevelle SS