Roy Buchanan Recommendations??

Which discs would you fans recommend and are there any instrumental or mostly instrumental discs you think are great?? Thanks & Cheers
I really like his 'second album' & 'anthology' for the unreleased nuggets.
one of my favorites,is "Loading Zone" with Stanley Clark and some other great musicians!
I second the recommendation for "Anthology" (Sweet Dreams). Disc 2 in particular has some stuff that is jaw-dropping. The most underrated guitarist in rock.
I have been a Roy Buchanan fan for 30 years,and got to see him several times.Unfortunatly most of his recordings are
fairly uneven as far as I'm concerned."Deluxe Edition" is an excellent sampler of some great material,I'd also
recommend "Live in Japan"
I personally think 'that's what I am here for' is his best album, though after his suicide and the note he left, I have had a really hard time listening to it since..
"You're Never Alone"
Second-"You're not alone" and would like to add:"A Street Named Straight".Happy listening.
"In The Beginning" has always been my favorite
Maybe this is a non-recommendation, but "Buch and the Snake Stretcher's" is often touted as his best. I found the sound awful so I couldn't concentrate much on the music, it maybe time I give it a second chance.
Sweet Dreams The Anthology is a incredable collection with some live cuts on disc two that are amazing. He truly was one of the best guitarists ever.