Roxul Rockwool or Owens Corning Thermafiber

I have dived into the world of room treatments again and going to build my own. Starting with some high-freq panels. In the past, I used Rockwool for bass traps but I'm having a really hard time finding it now.

I see that Owens Corning came out with a new product called Thermafiber and it sure looks like it has many of the same sound absorbing properties as the Rockwool.

I cannot find a direct comparison. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this stuff?
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I was reading of some DIY builds using R18 encapsulated fiberglass for the fill of the Basstrap. Less itching,etc...
I need to make my own Bass traps for the wall and corner behind by audio console.
I got a quote from GIK for some of their panels and traps; their pricey, but they seem nice.
I don't want to spend a good amount of money and have mediocre results
Check out ATS Acoustics online. They sell both products for DIY. Give them a call. Good people to deal with. No affiliation, just happy customer. Have visited there store. 
I bought 4 boxes of Roxul sized 2' x 4' x 12", with sheets inside where some were 2" thick and some 1" thick (and they've got 4" thick, too, if you want it).  Got them for a reasonable cost on Amazon, and they arrived well intact.  Made for some nice corner and wall bass traps.  Just get on Amazon and search for Roxul.

If you don't like the itch, the recycled denim stuff works just as well, albeit at a greater cost.  Bought that at a Menards.  It was very nice to work with for stuffing in between some installed hat channels that suspended my drywall.  No itch (but a dust mask is still definitely recommended)!
I found Roxul Safe 'n' Sound in stock at Home Depot for around fifty bucks a bag, I believe it was. A bag contains twelve 3" thick X 16" wide X 48" long pieces. Owens Corning 703, the stuff everybody (GIK, ATS) puts in their absorbers, is a special order only, and while the price is pretty cheap, there is a minimum order (3 or 4 boxes iirc), which is over $200. If you order OC online, the cost to ship is about as much as the 703 itself. May as well the spend the extra money on the multiple boxes, maybe splitting an order with a fellow audiophile.