Rowland vs Simaudio

I listen to jazz, R&B, vocals, some classical and pop. My speakers are the Magnepan 20R's. My room is 20x26x8.5

Looking for feedback on pre-amp and power-amp selections. There are no dealers within 200 miles of my home so, anyone who participates is greatly appreciated.

Simaudio P-5 vs Rowland Synergy IIi or Coherence II

Simaudio W-10 vs Rowland Model 12's

I don't want to jade anyone's response to the choices. That is why I'm not listing want I hope gain with either brand. Just looking for what others have found characteristic of these brands.

I own a Coherence II. It is incredibly quiet, which draws out elements of the music that are not audible with lesser equipment.

I also own Rowland Model 6 mono amps (with batteries), which you have not asked about, so excuse me for volunteering this information. The word that comes to mind is transparency. Very see-through.

No experience with the Simaudio equipment.

Good luck
I had the chance to demo both Rowland and Simaudio integrated amps a while ago and from what I remember, the Rowland gear was absolutely top notch. Simaudio sounded good and is a great choice but to my ears the Rowland amp sounded better. Bottom line is that you can't go wrong with either manufacturer.
Thanks to Jzzmn88, Raquel and others who responded direct to my email address, I really appreciate it. The feedback has been most helpful. Thanks, 1985tqc