Rowland's new integrated amp

Just look at this monster. Does any of you want it? I think, Jeff is now catering to kind of audiophile. No wonder some people chase his older designs and couldn't care less for this digital age devices.
Unless I want to blow someone's brains out with soundwaves, which is unlikely, I don't need it.
I bet it sounds really good and is only 1 box not many.
I think I'll get one for headphone listening.
I don't think I "need" it, but how much is it? I might change my mind if the price is right.
MSRP is $38K, Very nicely built

Good listening

List price is $38000.

I guess I don't need it.

If I did, I would probably expect a pretty good warranty. there is a lot of stuff stuffed into that one expensive box.

Then, if I needed it, it might be worth it.

Need is all relative...
Rowland makes great and very well thought out products but not targeted for the masses. This one will likely find its niche as well. Maybe for those with limited space looking to downsize from larger and more expensive gear. A lot of baby boomer audiophiles might fit that niche in a few years. I predict a successful product for Rowland.
Mapman, How $38k sounds to you?
38k for a digital amp? I'm not seeing the value.
"Mapman, How $38k sounds to you?"

Yes, I saw, see my other posts above.

I have a Bel Canto C5i that I think goes for $2K and is 60 watts/ch. It includes DAC and phono section as well and is also a nice headphone amp.

1500 w/ch = 25X the power. 25 X $2K = $50 K, so $38 does not sound bad. If you need it.

The C5i is all the hifi most people would ever need.

The Rowland is probably the bomb and could be a nice downsizing option for some with big expensive systems if needed for retirement.

I also have 500w/ch Bel canto ref1000m monoblocks. That's probably as much power as I will ever need.
I bought the ref1000M amps in order to "throw the kitchen sink" at my big OHM F5s that thrive on power and current.

Looks like the kitchen sink just got 3X bigger!!! :^)
Some power hungry speaker makers are starting to offer models with built in powered subs. OHM Goldenear and Focal are three that come to mind. that's another option that might help some downsize to more compact systems if needed.
"MSRP is $38K, Very nicely built '

Mentioned 2 pair of Bel canto ref1000m sounds substantially more reasonable.
So just curious in what situation would you need 1500-2500 watts? I ask this legitimately I can't imagine any situation where you could come even close to max power. Or really even 1/3 to 1/2 of max power.
if you like to listen at high volume or even if not so much but you have good recordings with a lot of dynamic range, do not estimate the value of more watts than you think you need until you hear the difference.

I find it almost always pays to date to throw the kitchen sink at most good speakers capable of handling it. I threw 500 w/ch at mine and do not regret it at all. I feel any less would be a step in the wrong direction though still perhaps more than needed normally.

1500 w/ch is much bigger kitchen sink. Why do it? To raise the bar for those who might care and be able to afford the luxury. Its a concrete measurable step forward that is hard to doubt or question compared to many claimed innovations with new products. it unquestionably rasises the bar. To do it in a integrated nonetheless makes it an even grander achievement. The evidence is clear and right before ones eyes. One might still question the value or if needed though. Probably not for most. The price helps assure that.
A bit like a Devialet on steroids...
I used to sell hifi gear at a shop where we demoed and a/b compared 5-6 full lines of amps and receivers from 15 w/ch to 120w/ch.

Guess what? The more powerful models in the line the speakers could handle were always preferred with most any good recording at even modest volume.

Move forward many years now and now we have powerful very high quality amps (that are often physically much smaller per watt than in the past) and bigger better quality speakers capable of going loud and dynamic much better than ever as well. That's progress! How much one needs in their room in their case, well of course that all still depends.
Johd, that's my point. Almost no-one needs it. And then why not 10000 watts?
Yeah, I suspect that Jeff is selling his own former achievements by the pound nowadays. That's his business. Still, this upsets me, he used to be one of the handful of great American amp designers.
I have a different take on the piece. I think the market for the piece is geared towards rich Asians that show their audio equipment as a status symbol like flashy jewelry.
Inefficient speakers in a big room played at high volume on well recorded dynamic
peaks can use incredible amounts of power. I would love one if I could afford one...I
suspect they don't expect to sell too many...from some of the room and system
descriptions on this site there might be a good market for this product...
With the right speakers capable of handling the power in the right room I'd bet this piece is unbeatable at most any price. having Superman for a stereo rig. 🏆
Taters, I think you are absolutely right. I'll put it another way - this piece has nothing to do with us.
While I have admittedly not tried many other amps in the same category (or higher), I have absolutely no interest in replacing my Jeff Rowland Concentra, as it is supremely satisfying within the context of my system.
and Rowland still makes some great, relatively lower cost gear. I think the Capri is a relatively great if he wants to make an outrageous statement piece because he can make it and sell it, so be it...
If you have a loudspeaker rated at 85dB sensitivity ([email protected]) and you sit 10 feet away from the plane of the loudspeakers than you max SPL at the listening position is 110dB if you amplifier provides 1500 watts output. A 500 watt amp could only produce 105dB. Both levels are very loud, but if you wanted 20dB headroom above a loud listening level, say 90dB, then 1500 watts begins to make sense. If all you wanted was 10dB of headroom above the 90dB listening level, then 150 watts would suffice.

I use this site for the calculations.
Onhwy61, people who buy $38k amp might have large listening rooms. For the distance of 20 feet your calculated power quadruples (600W, 6000W)

I agree with you 100%.
The thing about it is yes its expensive but you know exactly what you are getting and why. How many expensive pieces of audio are out there where not only do you wonder at the price but also exactly what makes it worth it? Better sound is often the best reason but one can find other gear for much less that on paper would seem to be able to compete and others often might even prefer.

Statement pieces are just that. Not only are they good but knock their points home easily i.e. make their statement clear. Their is no arguing quantity especially when accompanied by quality.
I'm listening to my 500 w/ch amps now at moderate high volume and loving it but now thinking what if I had 1500..... 😜
I heard it yesterday at ther NY Audio show (I think Lawrence speakers) and he had best of sound, easilly. the strings sounded like strings and the vocals sounded HUMAN.
Yes. They were Lawrence speakers and the combo sounded great as did the Soundsmith room. My two favorites at the NY show. Hope they bring it back to nyc next year.
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Hello All, I was long hoping to evaluate the Rowland Daemon Superintegrated amp. Finally, a review unit was delivered on February 28th. I Started break-in the following day, and have been scribbling my listening notes since… The writing project will continue for at least a few months, until the integrated has stabilized, and I have exercised several of its many input and output options. I have been waiting for a long time for this 99Lbs single box critter. Daemon is Jeff Rowland’s integrated flagship. The DAC + Preamp + 1500W/8 (2500W/4) dual-mono power amp in a single 17.5" x 15.25 x 9.5" chassis is already sounding amazing after just a little more than a couple  hundred hours of break-in.


Learning about Daemon is being a fascinating experience… join me to chat about it around its new Audiogon watering-hole:


And, feel free to PM me with any questions about it.


Saluti, Guido