Rowland/ProAc 2.5 vs. Sonus Faber Amp/GP

Jeff Rowland Concentra Integrated & ProAc 2.5 Speaker vs. Sonus Faber Musica Integrated amplifier & Sonus Faber Concento Grand Piano Speaker? Heard both, Sonus Faber sound very soft, open, musical, seems to disappear in the space and the Rowland/ProAc seems more real, less colored, more bass and more balanced (true) to the music. The Rowland/ProAc seems to be more realistic and music like than the Sonus Faber combination. Speaker placement on both were very critical as small changes impacted the sound. Current thinking is the Rowland/ProAc 2.5 because my sense is it presents the music better, is less colored than the Grand Piano and is more real to my ears (but the Sonus Faber combination also sounded good). This is not an easy decision and I need some opinions one way or the other. Comments and advise welcomed.
ProACs require Audio Research amplifiers and preamps. Stuart Tyler admitted he uses ARCs to test his jewels. That's all.
I agree with Curio....Jeff Rowland try with Avalon,B&W or Audio Physics (Virgo) outperform 2.5 in every respect and they cost $ 5300...GOOD LUCK
Curio, have you even heard the 2.5s? There is no way that ProAc "requires" AR amps. Even ProAc frequently demoes their gear with Cary SET amps. My dealer uses Naim, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Soundstage reviewer Mark Mickelson liked Lamm with his response 4s, but also said "It’s important for me to mention that the Fours have worked superbly with all of the equipment I’ve had in for review." As for me, I use my 2.5s with a Pass Aleph 3, and I have talked to others who like this combo as well.
Hgeifman: Buy what sounds better to you. You may also want to consider how the speakers sound with other amps. Sonus Faber isn't renowned as an amplifier manufacturer. Also, I have never seen anyone match Proac and Rowland (not that it would be a bad match). I think you are on the right track, both of those systems are very good.
Hgeifman: One more thing. Check out There is a poster called "hyperion" who is a Sonus Faber fanatic. Run your question by him.
Hgeifman: Wondering where you heard the SF integrated? I have been looking for a high-quality integrated and thought it might be a good choice, but don't know where to audition one. I rather like the softer sound you described in comparison to the Rowland piece. Thanks.
I think the Rowland is an excellent choice! Before you spend any money, do yourself a big favor & audition it with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.3's. You won't believe your ears. You will think you are really there. Great Match. This setup likes Goetz AG 2 Speaker cables. Good Luck!
The Response 2.5s are fantastic speakers. Just bought a pair myself. Will probably pair them with Audio Research but I don't agree that ARC is "required". They will work with many good amp/preamps.
Make sure you have room treatments. Otherwise, you're hearing too much of your room's contribution.
Run, do not walk, and go buy the new Sonus Faber Grand Piano HOME's. Unbelievable. Across all dimensions they are an improvement over the original versions. Bass performance and depth is extended considerably.
proacs do work well w/many amps, but proac *does* recommend the ar 100.2 amp & the ls-16 or ls-25 if ewe ask 'em...