Rowland preamps??????

Anyone have a lot of experience w Rowland preamps?

I'm looking for a high quality fully balanced pre to run into my Vt-100mkII, and I need to stay well under $2500.00.

Rowland makes an awful lot of products w similar names...Continuum, Consonance, Concerto pre...and Concerto integrated. It's hard to keep them all straight. Poor marketing, if you ask me.

Anyway, it seems like the Concerto, Consonance, Capri and SynergyII are all in the $2000-$2500 price range. There's also a SynergyIIi, which sould be a little stretch for me, but it's a 230v unit.

Anyone familiar with these pres, at all. Thanks in advance.
I listened to most of them, but they are different from the sound.
Personally my choice is the old Consummate, a very musical and detailed unit.
The later ( from Synergy ...) ones I think, the RowlandPre's lost the magic they had. More or less the same with ML, Krell etc.
I had a Consonance and it just didnt do it for me, although I did like my Model 1 power amp. Go with an ARC balanced pre, such as LS2B which are going for around $1200 and you'll be in heaven. Solid state comes close but tubes will take you there.
Trank, Capri is the current production model. . . which is the one I use in my own system. Capri is said to be more extended detailed, and linear than prior JRDG pres. Whether or not it yields less or greater musical 'magic' than older models, is entirely a matter of personal preference. E.G. I prefer it over my own ARC Ref 3 because of its very linearity, extension, and control over the entire frequency range. If you valued slight euphony over linearity, you may enjoy older JRDG linestages over Capri. . . if your musical taste were similar to mine instead, Capri may very well be the ticket.
BTW, I also find the JRDG naming scheme for pres absolutely maddening. G.
By coincidence, I still have also an ARC LS2B, which I used for 10 years before getting the ARC Ref 3, and then the Capri after that. . . The LS2B is the most 'golden' sounding of the group. . . the Ref 3 is in the middle. . . and the Capri the most neutral. . . it all depends on your prefs. G.
My favorite in the Rowland line up is the Coherence One preamp. Very difficult to find today, and wish I had never sold the one I had. Reference caliber preamp with few peers.
Ferrari, have you ever heard the Coherence II? and if you have, could you comment on the differences between the 2 versions? G.
Thanks for your feedback, all. I checked out your thread from last year on the Capri vs. the Ref3. Sounds like th Capri outperforms most of the older JRDG preamps. I took some notes while shopping over the past week, and there was a Capri for sale. It must've sold cause I can't find it.....go figure:))

I owned an LS-2mkii a long time ago, and was very happy with it also, Guido. They went for around $850.00 back then. Hrd to believe this old tech is actually going up in value. I understand the LS-5 is also a tremendous pre, but the one on A'gon is listed for $2300.00!! These are almost 20 year old designs!?

I guess I'll just keep my eyes open. I got very excited about the Capri. The BAT "house" sound has always seemed like something to suit my tastes....liquid, lush, and dynamic. Perhaps a VK-31se if I could find one in my price range. There's a VK3ix-se listed, but ZI can't find much info on it. Does anyone know if this was well recieved in the press? Has anyone heard it?
Trank, VK52SE is the only BAT linestage I am familiar with. It sounded to me on the more classic side of tube sound, with bass extension that was warmer and a little less defined than Ref 3, and with treble that would get stressed on orchestral fff. Yet, an incredibly captivating sound in its own right. . . it is really a matter of what one prefers. . .'Romantic' or 'neutral'. . . there is no right nor wrong. My preference is for neutrality with 'heart', hence my happiness with Capri. You are right about Capris having disappeared on Agon. . . or almost. . . there is one being offered in combination with 201 monos. . perhaps you can persuade the seller to let go of Capri alone. . . but I am positive that within a couple of weeks you will see a Capri or 2 for sale once again. Guido
Thanks again, Guido. I appreciate your insight. And thanks for the heads-up on the Rowland ad. Maybe that guy will sell the Capri separately.
Fwiw-- I am the guy listing the LS-5 for nearly 2300 dollars. That's because about a year ago I paid about 2450.00 for it! That's what they go for-- or at least did. I figure 2250 then aint half bad as i have seen them for 2300 and 2400 in the past year or so (mine was 2600 but I bargained with the guy a bit).
Just for your comment though I will lower the price to say, 2195.00 and set a new precedent on audiogon. BTW-- it is a SUPER pre-- I preferred it by far to the LS-17 I owned which for me, was too clinical and sterile. It was essentially a 'pretty good' solid-state pre -- but it happens to have a tube or two in it.
There is NO TUBE in the sound. You might say 'good'- but I say-- then what the heck am I buying a tube pre for? Might as well buy a Bryston and be done with it. Measures perfectly dont ya know!
The LS-5 Mk. 3 adds a touch of tube warmth without sacrificing the detail - it doesnt get all old-school-conrad-johnson on ya. The Mk. 2 is a bit tubier (and maybe somewhat cheaper on audiogon used) but that might have been too much for me to deal with as I only like a touch of golden glow in my music- not a huge helping.

Between the Coherence One and later Coherence Two I do not have information on a head to head comparison. I can though totaly recommend the Coherence One. Find it and buy it, if I don't get to it first.