Rowland Preamp - Which model to buy

Considering purchasing one after reading many stellar reviews of the consistent high quality of these pieces. Would like to hear from JR affcionados which model presents the proverbial "best bang for the buck", going all the way back to the '90's models.
Christian Punter of Hi-Fi Advice is a big JR fan, but considers the newer preamps in the line (aside from the top of the line models) to be maybe not as desirable as earlier vintages e.g. Capri2 vs Coherence II. Different strokes for different folks of course. Curious what experiences other fellow 'Goners have had through the years with Rowland preamps.
I can only comment on the Rowland pieces I own/owned. (I have not owned or heard the Capri2 or Coherence II.) I had the JR Continuum S2 integrated (which I believe has a built-in "pre" fashioned after the Capri2). I currently run the JR Corus+PSU. The Continuum S2 integrated is worth its price point. It delivers the JR sound admirably. However, if you can swing the Corus+PSU you will not be disappointed. It is superlative on every front I can think of. I have heard the Corus, without the PSU, driven by the Rowland 625S2 amp. It sounded clean, what I would describe as neutral, with a very low noise floor. My Corus+PSU is driven by JR 925s monos. It delivers a deeper more holistic soundstage than the Corus/625S2. It also presents the instruments on the soundstage with greater detail/resolution. The noise floor is even lower with the Corus+PSU. I haven't heard a preamp that provides as great an increase in resolution and depth with as low a noise floor without driving the sound towards brightness or brittleness. "Best bang for the buck"--I actually think the Corus+PSU qualifies, but I readily admit it is a lot of bucks. But, it could well be the most transformative dollars you spend in your system.