Rowland preamp to Audiolab integrated

This is really disturbing an possibly very stupid.
As a temporary arrangment I am thinking about getting Rowland Consonance preamp with phono or older Rowland Coherence preamp and run it into line level input of my Audiolab 8000LX integrated. I cannot run it into power-in of the Audiolab without some modifications.
What do you think is most likely to happen?
Just can't afford two Rowland pieces at the same time.
Save up and get the two Rowland pieces together. You'll be spending money on the pre and not be very happy with the result, so you'll just end up going for the power anyway.
Hi Inna,
Does the "Main In" to bypass the preamp on your 8000LX not function, or is it an impedance mismatch issue?

BTW, have you considered the JRDG Capri as an option? Balanced + unbalanced LL outs, latest JRDG power management technology, excellent optional phono stage, and very transparent. You may want to check out Giudocorona's very positive (and informative) A-gon comments on the Capri, and other things JRDG.
Hi Sandstone. I don't know what the issue is all about but Audiolab's manual says no-no without installing some kind of module. I guess, if I try it as it is it won't explode, but I am just not in the mood to experiment like that.
I think, I want to try older Rowlands first.
"Audiolab's manual says no-no without installing some kind of module..." In that case, I agree with Meiwan's comment.

"but I am just not in the mood to experiment like that." ...Wise.
Thank you both. Patience should be one of audiophile's virtues, right? Rowlands will have to wait for a while. In the meantime I'll just get busy choosing better cartridge for my Spacedeck.