Rowland owners which speaker you use & recommend

I am currently using Synergy IIi with Rowland 501's with the new PC1 and MBL121. The combination is IMO natural, produces an immense soundstage, and transparent. Of course, with the 121's I'm missing the bottom end which is why I'm looking for experiences with other speakers.

In case you're wondering why I'm not considering the MBL 116 is way out of my budget (about USD25k) and I have some doubts about combining a sub with the 121's
Hi Dtanclim, may I ask if you are using a single PC1 on your 501 monos, or one per side? JRDG recommends a PC1 on each 501 monoblock. having said this, the 501s do wonders on Vienna Acoustics speakers. I have heard them with Mahlers and Beethoven Grands. . . you will experience great bass that is extended, musical and tight. I Drive my Mahlers with a JRDG 312, which is relatively similar to a pair of 501s with a PC1 on each side. . . . and it is to die for.
Hi Guido, I'm using 2 x PC1's for the Rowland 501 and thanks for your input.
Thank you Dtanclim. . . but now I just can't help asking. . . what has been the sonic effect of the PC1s on the your Rowland 501 monos, and how long did the PC1s take to break in and stabilize? Thanks again, Guido
Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands here. Look at my system link.

Hi Guido, I've got more than 250 hours on PC1 since putting them back in the middle of May 08. I replaced the "pigtails" that was provided by Rowland with Oyaide (P/C004)connectors and Acrolink 6N power cables. For consistency I also used the same for the power cords to the Rowland 501. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a clear timeline for the break-in as I inserted the power cables about 2 weeks after receiving the PC1 (in between some travelling).

Do you know of anyone who uses Rowlands with Thiels, Wilson Benesch, Dynaudio, etc. I am looking for full range speakers but could still fit into an apartment living room.

IMO, the PC1 clearly improved bass definition and I detected better imaging & resolution. Playing Chris Botti for example the "blair" seems to be much more realistic and distinct. As I understand the PC1 takes some of the load from the Rowland 501's which then allows the amps to deliver improved performance.
The PC1 doesn't take a load from the 501s, it buffers the load demand from the 501 on the mains and instead of a spiky demand request it presents a more even, sinewave-like load that keeps the mains clean. (Those spikes cause harmonics in the mains, that presents as noise in the system). Additionally, the PC1 converts the AC to DC and presents 380 Volts DC to the 501s, or whatever is downstream.

I'm using the Beethoven Baby Grands in an apartment now. They've got a small footprint and they're not too tall to fit in a smaller space. However, the Rowlands should handle every speaker that you listed with no problem.

Botti's trumpet tone is troubling because it's highly processed and doesn't really represent how trumpet sounds outside of processors. Still, I think of the "blair" as "scheen" or "sizzle", since "blair" is a negative term to us trumpeters, which results when the trumpet is not played correctly. On well recorded brass there should be a wealth of high overtones. Trombones should have a buzz or burr when played loud in orchestra music. That's a real part of their sound. Believe me, I've heard it in the back of my head more than a few times. ;-)

DCstep...Have you ever heard Botti in a live conert? That's the way his trumpet sounds. Bring earplugs.
Yes, and his trumpet in live concert is processed. That's not a real trumpet sound. I'm not dissing him, he's a great trumpeter, but his sound is processed in all his performances.

That contraption on his bell is a wireless mic, which then runs through a processor.

Im using ROWLAND 8T 250CH a classic with MAGICO MINI 2 Very musical great natural sound Warm midrange with ARC SP15 preamp!!WONDERFUL!!
I am amazed at the synergy between my Model 8 and the SF Guarneri Hommage. VERY musical.