Rowland Model 9 still a reference?

how does this super amp of 90's compare with the best today? Has anyone ever done the comparison?
was the most transparent amplifier I have ever heard and the bass was very tight and controlled and very weighty
After this "Generation" my Interest for Rowland Gear stopped, the magic is gone.
The model nine is a LEGEND!It gets no better.All newer models,though just fine,are designed with home theater in mind.
I own this model 9 amp (TI/HC) and i'm very happy with it.
And no, i'm not selling these big units.
It was a cost no object design, so quality and durability.
I'v heard the Rowland 7 MK3 amps.
They have a nice tube sound thats soft on the top.
How does the Rowland 7 amps compare to the 9 amps.