Rowland Model 5 vs. McCormack DNA-1?

Has anyone compared (or care to share an opinion on) an upgraded McCormack DNA-1 (mine has the Revision B from SMc Audio) vs. the Jeff Rowland Model 5? Have been window shopping and am curious as to how these two stack up. If I keep the McCormack it'll go back to SMC for the full upgrade treatment. Going with a Model 5 would mean eventually getting a second one and using them bridged. Cost either way would be the same (~$3K). Or are there other recommendations in this price range that offer more?

Keep in mind that the speakers are Hales Revelation 3s which are a hungry 4 Ohm load; both these amps put out 300+ watts into that load. The pre- is a SF Line 1; source is CAL Alpha/Delta (CD only).

My music preference is mostly small acoustic and jazz ensembles with the occassional rock, blues or other genre excursion. Any improvement in the overall sound would be welcomed. The sound is currently fairly well balanced, but certainly not perfect. As always, thanks for the input.
Frank sorry I can't answer this question, so mainly I'm posting to the thread in order to follow it. You certainly know Rowland's reputation; I would think the M5 could better the DNA-1. I have both a regular & a deluxe version so I'm leaning toward Rev. A gold myself. However by bridging you're going to experience a degradation of damping factor, which throws another unknown into the scenario & the McCormack could then be the better matchup since it wouldn't be bridged.
fpeel: i'd suggest looking at a pair of jrdg model one's run bridged. you should be able to find a pair within your budget. these amps are of a newer design than the 5, put out 360 w into 4 ohms and, in my experience sound much better than the 5, alone or bridged. i owned a pair of jrdg one's for several years, which i used to drive, seriatim, soundlab dynastats, ae-1's (with a pair of entec lf-20's) and avalon eclipses (with a muse model 18). i've listened to the mccormack a number of times but neither a/b'd it with jrdg gear or owned one. -kelly
I've never compared Jeff Rowland Model 5 with McCormack DNA-1 but I had owned and compare Model 5 with Mark Levinson No. 23 and McIntosh MC-162. So, my answer is just to give you an idea how good Model 5 is. JR Model 5 has really good detail and quickness like ML23 plus it presents the music with more air, texture, and tube-like than ML23.

Other than that, build quality of jeff Rowland amps are First-Class.

Hope this would help!
Thanks for the input, guys. It's this kind of information and assistance that keeps me coming back to the site!