Rowland Model 3

Hi, need some advise on this amp. can't find any reviews for this particular amp anywhere. I currently have a mac 2205 running my martin logan sequel speakers. generally I am very happy with the mac sound. Love the big warm sound of the mac! but was thinking about experimenting with a new amp. was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about these rowland amps or how they will compare to the mac. would this change be a major step up in sound or not? would appreciate any thoughts. thanks!
As I recall, the Model 3 was the mono version of the Model 1. Nice, warm-sounding amp that gave more of the sound of the instruments than of the hall. Not sure if it would be that big an improvement over the Mac sound, maybe more of a sideways move between two very good amps.
I hate to let go of my mac. they still fetch their original asking price after 30 years and sound amazing. truly an unbeatable value. thus my itrepidation. I appreciate your thought! thanks.
different, but not better. keep the big mac