Rowland Model 2 versus Model 10

I noticed a Model 10 come up for sale today at around $3600. Low price considering it costs about $7300 new and it can't be all that old. There are a number of Model 2's out there as well selling around $3300(rough average). This price seems high given that many of them may be 10 years old or so and they sold new for $5000 or a little above. The market seems to be telling us that the Model 2, with half the power output is a comparatively better amp. Anyone have the chance to compare these amps side by side.
I have heard both the Model 2 and the Model 10, as you know the Model 2 is no longer in production but the Model 10 is current. The Model 2 is rated at 75 watts per channel and the Model 10 is 150 watts. I think both are conservative values. The 2 is an older design while the 10 is current with the switch mode power supply(huge difference). The 2 is an excellent amplifier but I feel that the 10 is much more dynamnic and is dead quiet. I purchased the Model 10, if you can get the Model 10 for under 4000.00 used, it is a bargain. Good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with either amplifier.
Some of the those Model 2's on the used market include the optional battery power supply, which would up the price considerably.
I've also heard the two amps and own a Model 10. In my opinion Jeff Rowland made a huge improvement in the sound of his amplifiers with the introduction of the 10 and the mono 12s. They are clearly better in every way. Older models were sometimes criticized regarding dynamics, transparency, high frequency roll-off, etc. I agree with the other poster. If you can get a Model 10 for under $4,000 used, it is a bargain.