Rowland Model 12 vs. Krell FPB-350M

I have the 350M's and am considering a change.

The Rowland amps have the reputation of being very musical and detailed.

Looking for opinions on sonic differences between these 2 mono amps.

I have fried some spekaer drivers in the past due to not having enough power for the levels that I was asking my amp to push. This is how I ended up with the monster Krell monos amps. I do have some hesitation in stepping back from 350w/ch to 200 to power my Meadowlark Blue Heron speakers.

One characteristic of the Krells that I am fond of is the bass "slam." Looking for opinions of the bass energy/speed from the Rowland monos.

I have stopped looking for an amp.
I have the 350M as well, you just whining or serious? I upgraded mine by adding a PS Audio P-1200 per amp. Honestly, if it gets better than this I would be amazed!!
A friend said once this sounds better than God intended.