Rowland Model 10 or Levinson 335

After listening to 6 amplifiers I've narrowed the field down to the Jeff Rowland Model 10 and Mark Levinson 336 power amplifiers.

Associated equipment is as follows:
Meridian 508.24 with a Theta Data transport
Revel Performa F30 Loudspeakers

I'd like to know if others have listened to and compared these two amplifiers and what your thoughts and opinions are.
I have Revel Ultima Studios and sold my Levinson amp in favor of the Pass Labs Aleph 4. Have you heard the Pass amps?
as a amp i will go for jeff.but levinson has a wonderfull match with revel s speakers(same company).you must try!!!
To my ear, Levinson and Revel tend to be a bit too might find the Rowland a bit more musical and natural ( I own and love my Rowland Mod.2...the Rowland line is very special)