Rowland/Levinson preamp

Which preamp would you recommend to match Rowland 10 AND Levinson 335 (not at the same time) --- Synergy or 380S?
I have owned the 380s and thought it was GREAT!!! I do not know much about Synergy. I would assume that going with Levinson your resale would be better if that matters to you.
I have no experience with the Rowland but I find the 380S a bit too dark. HOwever, I still own a 39 380S 333 as my "reference" Sssssolid SSSStttate system, as Levinson seems to make the most non-tiring and non ear-piercing SOlid State stuff.
it's really pretty simple: the jrdg amp will sound best with the jrdg pre; same for the levinson. i'd most assuredly not recommend mixing and matching. these products are very different from one another, sonically and otherwise. BTW, it just ain't so that levinson holds its value better than jrdg.
I agree that for optimal results, mixing and matching won't work well. But I can get only one pre-amp at this time. So which of Synergy and 380S would be better-matched overall with my system if I have both Rowland 10 and Levinson 335?
Go with the 380S. It and the 335 are a very good combination. And by no means is the preamp dark. Natural is more like it.
LISTEN FOR YOURSELF & DON'T BUY EITHER WITHOUT AUDITIONING BOTH -- IN YOUR SYSTEM. i'm biased in favor of the jrdg, having owned numerous of jeff's products. my a/b listening of the madrigal v. jrdg always has the same result: levinson (the product/not the man) is dark, dry and lifeless while the jrdg is liquid, swift and very musical, albeit a tad laid back for some tastes. but that's just my opinion. form your own. if it's different from mine, great, unless your "opinion" is shaped by words on paper or a screen, rather than through lengthy listening, on your own, with noone to tell you what you are hearing except your mind, your experience, your taste. BTW, how the hell dija end up wiyth those 2 amps and no pre?
Cornfedboy is right. Listen in your system. When I want to know what I think of a product, I buy it. But that's what works for me. I don't like to be rushed or changing out product every day. Matter of fact, I thought Levinson pre a little laid back until I tried 360S/37 combo and Resolution Audio CD55. Like them both. I think more than ever 380S is very neutral. Again, in my system. Running 4350 alnico's and Levison amps. Still, I like how my 335's and 380S mated. Guess you have to try them both and pick a winner!
To answer Cornfedboy's question, I have decided to get both a Rowland 10 and Levinson 335 but only one pre-amp to be used by both. I have auditioned both Rowland and Levinson systems and liked both but can only get one pre-amp at this time. The difficulty of course, is that I cannot find a store within 100 miles that carries both Rowland and Levinson systems, and therefore cannot audition with the aim of finding the best 2-amp/1-pre-amp system combination.